Biggest disapointment?

Which game are you most heart broken about after its release?
74.4 %
(1386 votes)
7.9 %
(148 votes)
11.9 %
(221 votes)
5.7 %
(107 votes)
lol 100% for wolfenstein (though only 5 votes)

for me:

1. Wolfenstein
2. MW2
3. Quakewars

Though I do like MW2 as a public game..
obviously wolfenstein, i spent my money for totally crap game it was even worse decision than spending money on the alcohol every week.
shit pretty cool you drink alcohol every week

you had the beta
you had the builddate of the beta
you knew it was going to be even more shit than ETQW

why on earth did you buy it?
i was stupid
it was the alcohol he had every week
far cry 2 would win it. made me disappointed in sp games forever.
far cry 2 made me throw away my hang glider
far cry 2 made me cut my wrists a few times..
Nice poll AGAIN, why there is no option both/all of them!?
Big, bigger, biggest :)
voted for wolfenstein
wolfenstein all the way
MW2 single player was fucking great.
Wolfenstein was just shit. Everyone hyped about it with the useless journals and I said it was gonna fail and it did, zlol
wolf sp was fucking epic for me
wolf, et:qw coming second, mw2 has console mp system but the game is great
Wolfenstein, ETQW wasn't terrible.
Wolfailstein ofc, thank god i didnt buy it
ETQW is not that bad, fun to play from time to time
hvnt played mw2 yet
mw2 singleplayer was the nice so it was a disapointment for me
the wolfenstein sp wasnt that bad either so i didnt feel like i wasted all my money

qw was just pure shit
it was sure that QW would be shit... but I din't thought that wolfenstein would be same fail...
i havent bought either of those 3 or have played either of them. Well the MW2 singelplayer ofc but thats about it. And 5min beta of wolf .....
wheres option "All of them"?
obviously all of them were big disappointments, but only one of them can be the biggest...
wolfenstein (twice for beeing a shit game and not releasing a proper patch afterwards )
every successor of rtcw, et
quakewars ofc

modern warfare wasn't expected to be any good and everyone knew that wolfenstein will suck anyway (and SP in wolf was pretty fine tbh)
MP was better than SP imo.
Wolfenstein should be awarded fail game of the year 2009
MW2's a dissapointment?
MW2 probably cause of the dedicated servers issues

The only thing Wolfenstein accomplished was making ETQW a decent game (comparatively speaking)

I'm sure MW2 is amazing but principals prevent me from buying it.
image: principal

Sorry, couldn't resist :].
lol comparing wolfenstein and etqw, you cant compare them imo.
But yes etqw was ok compared to wolf.
Wolfenstein because i didn't play MW2 yet
the biggest success out of those three games was ET:QW, shame it wasn't given any time by the community as a whole - I guess the release of Wolfenstein and MW2 is a sharp realisation what a dead on release or complete fail game really is - which ET:QW was not, even if perceived that way.
I'm sorry but I played ETQW with all the patches and mods and updates, and eventhough its way smoother than the first builds its not a good game. Its a game I play once a month max.
it was still played competitively 6months-1year after release, even if the community was small.

Wolfenstein really did last only one month, if that ;) and MW2 will not last much longerin competition without changes.

I think I played the MP Beta of wolfenstein longer than the release, even if they were probably the same thing :=)
just because some people with no taste played it comp, doesn''t mean it was comp worthy or anywhere near good
compared to the other games in the list it was obviously not as bad though ;]
it was a good comp game for like 1,5year. With all restrictions and promod, just like ET was bad in its orginal state. And its still active, there are loads of ''public'' clans and fun teams that play eachother in random cups. Now its even 1000x more alive than wolfenstein ever was. So it didnt fail that bad like wolfenstein.

I knew what to expect from Wolfenstein, so no big disappointment :)

Tho I played ET:QW beta also... but still there was a hope.
ofc Wolfestein and ET:QW
wolfenfail ofc

The single player mod is pro.... Multiplayer fails 100%
tough decision but my vote goes to mw2. to me it was a bigger failure than wolfenstein..

dun even wanna talk about etqw :D!
none of them, I knew they were all going to suck.
Mw2 isnt a disapointment. I actually liked the sp and enjoy the mp.
I wish I could vote for all three. Well no, MW2 was not a disappointment because we already knew it was shit.
tu le savais aussi avec la beta de Wolf que Wolf aurait été a chier.
Oui mais elle a été leaké, et je ne savais pas si le jeu était bien ou non avant de l'avoir testé. Donc oui c'est bien "a disappointment", beta ou pas beta.
ton pc peux meme pas faire tourner 1 des jeux rofl :XD
lmaomdr :XP jlé é test ailleur!§§
As a player I was actually pleasantly surprised with ET:QW, while I had high hopes for Wolfenstein which were crushed.

As for CoD:MW2, I have to be honest and say the game has exceeded my expectations of it being a terrible game, so in that sense it was quite the opposite of a disappointment.
Wolfenstein, MW2(if it wasn't for p2p, it would be great), quakewars (Which is somehow liked)
ofc wolfenstein... etqw was alive for a while at least (2 qcons, ec,oc, nc)
wolfenstein is still alive in south africa!
Add the option to "all"
What he said ^^
MW2 is amazing game...its just too bad they had to screw over pc gamers
Qw isnt bad

Wolfenstein MP no comment
Wolfenstein overall as a game, but from a competitive perspective, MW2, just because of what it represents. It's fundamentally broken in a way that cannot be fixed for competitive gaming. You can mod Wolf or ETQW to fix their flaws, however long it may take you; you cannot fix MW2.
Well said :o)
wolf cant be fixed. ETQW was fixed, just too late.

after that i really did have no hope that a new game would ever live up to its hype.

i doubt i'll ever play another game on pc again lolz
My life :/
I thought you have alcohol, women and money all the time, so what's wrong !?
I have coca cola, nerds and computer all the time
pointless poll :p

we all know what the biggest fail was, but nice that you still show it to the other people which are not active crossfire users. xD
For me it was Quake4. ETQW wasn't that bad if you didn't expect it to be like ET / RTCW and Wolfenstein was no real surprise and therefore no disappointment as well.
absolutely agree about Quake4.... there was no one from the scene playing it..
Wolf ofcorz
MW2 ? pfff expected fail so no disapointment
Lol why everyone expect MW2 to fail?
Its most detailed and realistic online game till now.
Guess it's a fail considering the competitive side of the game.
yeh indeed your right about that, its not competative, but they can MAKE it competative.
They weren't disappointing because I always knew they would be shit.

Biggest disappointment was when Kane took his mask off and it wasn't as bad as everyone made out.
Ahhh, the golden days of wrestling.
1. ET:QW -> no SP, sucks on pubs, sucks in wars
2. Wolfenstein -> cool SP, sucks on pubs, sucks in wars
3. MW2 -> okay SP, fun on pubs, sucks in wars
you suck much sir ;)
cIc7 in 5v5
wolfenstein ofc.
Atleast ETQW was finished.
cmon rtcw3! saevus :(
voted wolfenstein because it was more like "they fail at etqw so they will compensate at wolfenstein" and then we all got like WTF
I thought wolfenstein wasn't such a big failure because of the single player..

Quake Wars only failed because of lack of players. The game was fun while it lasted and the SP (playing with bots local) was fun to learn the maps. Poxy bandwagon boy ET players killed this game with bad press, and unwillingness to try before negative comments.

I'm surprised COD 5 isn't in this list...
cod5 isnt even worth mentioning i guess:p
Totally agree with the bandwagon thing, shame most aren't able to make their own minds up on a game or dare to like a game that isn't what they currently play.
ye exactly's a shame crossfire is mostly based on a free game, but I guess tosspot and co can't really do much about this..
My biggest disapointment was when I busted my younger brother watching a porn site! :DD
so you never watched porn?
He believed in his innocence. :)
Ye right! :) I'm not really of a porn-watcher these days as I got the female gender to fit so fine :O)

Wolfenstein all the way - unimpressive, repetitive and boring SP and absolute disaster in MP. Finished Single Player just to put [x] for "Played Wolfenstein".

ET:QW in my opinion was pretty much successful game, besides lack of money in prizes tournaments and sort of late Promod release (which basically fixed and improved all what couldn't do SD officially). Even now there are plenty of full vanilla pubs, still running the same old maps/campaigns and still seeing some random [clan] wars going on. I'm pretty sure that ET:QW would be more successful if there wouldn't be any ranked servers at all.

Hard to tell anything of Call of Duty, since the game died for me after like ... CoD2 :)
mw2 kills it..
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