Frag Movie of the Year 2010

This year we've been blessed with a lot of great fragmovies. If you're looking to catch up with the best fragmovies, either one of the following nominees are surely a save bet. Nevertheless, only one can be the best. Make sure you've checked them all before watching, you won't regret it!

The nominees are:
Most Hated 3 by Kamz -
Requiem by -Max- -
nOu way! by FiLuS -
mAus the movie by BlaZeR -
Jere 2010 by Hypro -
Overclocked by Nonix -
Woody and nothing more by requem -
Shewie, the belgian superstar by Shewie -
This is ET by Kamz -
Sick by Nonix -
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overclocked all the way!
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