E-Series winner?

This coming Sunday will see the first ever Kaos TV E-Series LAN event for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. In total, six teams will be at the event trying to win the €500 prize but who do you think will be victorious?

Read the news post here: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=news&mode=item&id=6726
27.7 %
(321 votes)
13.9 %
(161 votes)
31.3 %
(363 votes)
3.6 %
(42 votes)
4.1 %
(48 votes)
19.3 %
(223 votes)
Lol first vote fuck yeah

Just coz of jere

Beat baggiez by 1 second
Power gaming obviously
Jere will be 5th anyway
Voted for TAG, but in all honesty I can't see Power losing GL guys :)
Since people were wondering about line ups for this lan...
Line ups I think are:

United Kingdom Power Gaming
Belgium Jere
Belgium siL
Netherlands ins
Netherlands Jo0f
Netherlands vANQ

Belgium Belgian Fraternity
Belgium Sup3r
Belgium chizz6l
Belgium chry
Belgium Lazio
Belgium AL1

Europe TAG
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands aphesia
Netherlands Hope
Netherlands abort
Netherlands Leonneke

Netherlands OVERLOAd
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands ZaK-
Netherlands SQuid
Netherlands NoHead
Netherlands Ati_

Belgium FiF.Red by #g2p
Belgium Frauwe
Belgium fostrum
Netherlands motif
Netherlands Woody
Netherlands imPlux

Germany Team Zodiacx
Germany mAurice
Germany Deanji
Germany PreZ
Germany predi
Germany cAshy
no undead & gifted = PG gonna win
where's care damn it
bring it on.
don't care
Hope is in TAG, TAG will win.
So its like that?!
If tag praccs seriously theyll get it :-P otherwise pg
lol leon, still playin :D

gl to all!
i know that zodiac will come last thats for sure :D
we will see :))
TAG / PG / bF anyone of these teams can be winner :)
dunno who's going to win but obviously finals between Belgium fostruM & Netherlands SQuid

good lucks pals!
#1 bF
#2 TAG
#3 PG
#4 ovr
#5 FiF
#6 Zx
PG instead of bF and you got this!
mm yea I wrote this without looking at Hope's comment :3 without lunatic or undead can't see them pulling it off
izi for PG
gl to you all fif.red is gonna win fo sho!
who is team zodiacx?
hmm, ovr or PG
tag will win, pg 2nd
TAG replaced the weak link from their AEF lineup... i can only see them winning.

image: cbtag1
tag unbeatable
Looks pretty interesting :o

Nice to see so many teams are willing to play on a 1-day LAN!

Have fun! =))))
voted tag cuz i played there. dont know the teams
tag lan winners!
TAG unbeatable with that much BBQ power, you'll have to go BBQ crazy come TLR LAN! (Seanza LAN! :P)
Add a new poll "Fag Admins cause lack of ettv"
Shit post from a shit cheating (how ironic) polak. Get lost :)
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