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Europe mAlibu

Since i couldnt find a 6on6 LAN team yet, i'll be trying to create a team my self.

Netherlands kApot
(So far its only me)
About you:
  • Be Able to play the LAN seeding tournament & 6on6 ODC's.
  • You have to know me or played with me before.
  • There are alot of classes needed: So feel free to message me with your class.
  • Make sure you can play before you message me.
LAN information:
  • Date: Saturday 20th May & Sunday 21th May.
  • Entry 6on6: €65 each person
  • The ET LAN will be held in Take TV Venue. Located in: Germany Krefeld, Germany.
If you have any questions or if you are interested feel free to PM me here !

I'm still interested to join a 6on6 LAN team, so if you are in need of a 6th feel free to message me (:

Netherlands kApot
sry that we are to bad for you, gl finding players who are on your level m8
what? then he should start watching mental moments or talk with brett, problem solved!
watching mental moments should be enough to solve the problem
Rofl did he really reject you guys?
lol we said he had to try out but he rage quit. Guess didn't ever change :)
This shit aint true.
The plan was to play a 6on6 game at 19:30 but no one from your team was here. After pming serveral members of your team i finally got a response at 20:45 from Williams. He had some troubles at work and I respect that. ( I hope everything is fine right now). But at that time I was doing some important stuff, and didn't expect that we were gonna play a game anymore. But Williams told me to come online and play a game. So I came online and we were searching an 6on6 war and some mercs to play with. After 30-50minuts of searching we still didn't find a game. Then some mates from Elysium pm'ed me and asked if I could play and finish their 6on6 onedaycup. I said yes obviously, because i didnt expect us to find a 6on6 game anymore. So I left the server and said: Guys, i have to leave and will explain later why.

One day later Williams created a new crossfire post: ' Rifle and medic needed for lan' , and I didn't see my name on the line-up. So based on that i thought i wasn't welcome in your team. I saw creating a own 6on6 team as my last chance to get a 6on6 lanteam.

Just to confirm: I never said you guys were noobs & I never ragequited.

If you don't want me in your team just tell me, instead of lying about things which never happened.
why is there drama everywhere i go
Everywhere I go,
Bitches always know,
That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show!

to many capitals A's to handle.
A means skill
someone give this man a team
kapot aiming for top3
gl met zoeken leroy :)
Thanks man!
Didn't receive any other messages yet, and i'm not sure if this 6on6 team will happen. I'll pm him if i have some more information.
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