'xD Trickjump, need for LAN

Hi guys,

We need a 6th for our possible 6on6 LAN line up.

Team not 100. confirmed yet, but I guess it will happen.

Line up so far.
United Kingdom Fantasyy
Netherlands kApot [Our in-game leader]
United Kingdom Shaman
Finland Sherlock
Netherlands timbolina

Send me a PM here
Inb4 Sebhes mad because I didnt add a comma to the team name
and im not a kurwa hamburger, i'm United Kingdom Fantasy :D
He probably is mad about it
What happened to the original team? inb4 bird & arma dodged?
I dont know about them. I know my team was no longer interested too
guessing you got a team now fantasy from your pm to me ha
R0th is avi
I heard you need a 6th, R0th smg engi avi
Bobi with me medic reviving and tony cleaning the path as panza
I dont know what class we need tho. Just send me a PM
gl guys :o)
pay for me and ill play, im good rifle
Youtube money a sahhhhh
youtube money is foetus stack
Very good rifler, can recommend, especially with Big Dick Menace in the same team.
hahaha :'))
it is not xD anymore ;(
miss u Seb
Fantasyy real nick ?
Nobody deserves a true trickjump spot (only fantasy if he gives me private pole dance :3)
I'll definitely be dancing on someone's pole that's for sure ;)
Netherlands kApot [Our in-game leader]

I smiled.
If I join does that mean I have to listen to kapot?
'xD Sander,
'xD Highway,
'xD Delta,
'xD Sebhes,
'xD Pinda,
u will get ddosed at lan i promise
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