configstrings error


Until just now ET was running super smootly, no problems. When I tried to connect to gamestv server to watch some old demo with bremen as a map, ET downloaded something and since them when I try to connect to any server I get this error "configstrings > max_configstrings.

No results in google, I reinstalled ET.

Any ideas?
This is your big autoexec.cfg or some scripting in your cfg.
Uninstall ET then delete all folder C:/ProgramFiles/WolfET/delete then install again.
Put your cfg here, we will see how many MB u have.
It could be that the strings in your config are greater than the maximum of config strings allowed
I'm not completely sure what this is about, but I think something goes wrong when the game tries to parse gamestate.

What I am sure about is that it has nothing to do with your .cfg files (your "config.")

Someone who knows the ET code better might be able to help.
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