wadup peoplee!!

just downloaded ET again, trying to get back. are there any active puclic server? and is ET still active? anything new that i need to know about before starting?

thnxx, FarhanN :)
hallo vriend
Je bent nog steeds niet de meest snuggere hé
etpro 21.37 released last month, you can now allocate points in strength, vitality, dexterity and intelligence
alright cool thnx all
Fakka bro welcome bck : p
Yo man, all you have to know in one quick reply to thread: there are still ETPro servers, ensam and now apparently most of CF members are alcoholics and there's a LAN incoming.
nice summary
Finland people are alcoholics...
Lmao Art.Farhan
Yo farhan u got steam or something?
farhann haha hoe is t junge
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