Repost of the global configs update

We discussed it here already about removing the cvar limit of fps to 125 to basicly anything above even 144 145 should be sufficient

Most of us have 144hz monitors these days and since the community is pretty much self driven these days with individuals doing much "charity" work I don't see how it could take us more then 5 minutes to bring in this change and to make it work

Some of you may be against it some of u might like it. I'd support it all the way up to 200max fps.

What do you think...
whatever gets you off bro
Recently brother and sister action, before it was bubble but bubble bubble bubble but
Last time pds said he would look into it, ha

Think the biggest thing is probably fps which should be forced to 155 max & cg_gunXYZ not forced at all

Someone could maybe try it out
stable values stand for 1000 / x, so it could be only: 142,166, 200, 250, 333 or 500 fps.
200 + anything above would be abused and almost as game braking as the built in wallhack 145 166 is enough for competitive play
how is it gonna be abused, when everybody gonna use the same value, such as 250?
125 hz mouse less recoil headshots only pewpewpew
It fucks up the game physics
Yes please and also enable r_shownormals while we're doing this important change.

That's game braking

Nobody would even notice a 20fps boost
I wasn't ironic, I'd love to play at 144 fps instead of 125 while my monitor has 144hz
Yes u wer xd atleast about the wh
why change it if nobody would notice it?
144hz monitors :p
Increasing FPS to 142 already causes some changes with the weapons. You can shoot 18 bullets with sten before it overheats rather than 16, and the recoil of pistols and snipers is slightly increased, which is not exactly advantageous but still a change. I'm not aware of all the effects that increasing max FPS to 142 or 166 would have on gameplay, although I doubt there's anything major. Still it should be looked into.

Also, even if changing a value in the config files is a 5 minute job, getting the configs certified, updating GTV servers and getting everyone to update their own servers is not that easy. I think more changes and bug fixes need to be involved to justify the hassle.

If you wanna play with 142 or 166 FPS, make a config for your own server and don't bother with certification. I think the ET scene is small enough that people know if someone's retarded enough to make other changes without saying anything.
Only real bug there can be is with setting the physics right, whether you can keep it fixed at 125fps but allow 142fps ingame is the question

it is a 5min job, if you take a lunch breiiik
its not like wer forcing everyoune to use 200fps
use whatever suits u best
to me no matter since 60 hz
war wichtig zu wissen
puh, gut, dass ich es geschrieben habe
Same 60hz for real pro's x)
Actual changes you should make:

Engineers spawn with 2 nades, (but can collect more from ammo)
+5s fop charge time
+10s med charge time
+2s on every axis spawntime
Disable lean
Replace adlernest with literally anything

Theres more, but im not at my pc and it's probably 7 years too late to start balancing the game
disagreed: on engi, med and adler part. 3 nades for engis, +5 s for meds and map discussion leads to nothing in my opinion

not sure: about leaning since it's very basic part of the game and game play would change totally although it could be more interesting i think.

agreed: on the rest
Indeed to late for this changes, just up the fps abit imo.
ther's no point for those updates, it will brake the game and its unplayable.
insert delivery in 6v6 map pool
remove every other maps
+3 deliveries to spawn times
-remove nades
call the game delivery instead of wolfenstein
remove the flag part
+add few new paintings...

Theres more, but im not at my pc and it's probably 7 years too late to start balancing the game

image: meh.ro12366
just add limited ammo and built in aimbot so every map will be fullhold cause def side has better xfire positions

noone will be mad cause tie will be assured and game will be more kn000b friendly

cae for president
I was under the impression that the amount of ammo in ET is already limited.
sometimes when you are in cocaine you may forgot etuliitteet, in this case "un"

but then again this example does not suit for me cause i dont use cocaine =(
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