problem with my mouse

I have a problem with my mouse. When I play ET the mouse starts to get crazy and move on sides.
Problem is not a mouse because this is 3rd mouse on this laptop and every time is the same shit
somebody can help me ?

Thanks, Danke, Merci, Dziekuje, kiitos,
go outside or get job...
I think homiee has pretty good idea about random shit happening to the mouse.

right LAN homiee!??!
mialam podobnie z moim laptopem i meczylam sie z tym kilka miesiecy, okazalo sie, ze bylo to spiecie na lini ladowarka-wyjscie usb, po podlaczeniu do stacjonarki problem minal, sprawdzales na innym sprzecie?
tak sprawdzałem, na innym sprzęcie msz działa bez zarzutu. To może być coś takiego jak mówisz albo coś z systemem, będę próbował formata. Tak czy siak dziękuje za merytoryczną odpowiedz.
use rinput
QuoteI have a problem with my mouse.

QuoteProblem is not a mouse

Oh dear, nothing changes around here...
People use the word mouse to mean the device as well as the cursor. Some people also use it to mean the mammal but that's not so common here.

Clearly, he's referring to a problem with his cursor, not his device. Did you picture a mouse "getting crazy and moving on sides" (whatever the fuck that means) when you were writing your clever comment?

I leave you with this video:
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