It's been years since I posted anything on this site, so many good memories.

First of all, hey guys. I was surfing through Youtube when I accidentaly played some old fragmovies I love - ET Allstars 1&2. It felt so good to have all that great flashbacks of ET and times when I played actively.

Anyways I've decided to play ET from time to time, hope there are some old friends I used to play with. If so feel free to comment and contact me, perhaps we find some time to play together :)

Siema vicu czyli jednak zyjesz
Ta, wyslalem Ci PMa :)
Jo widze juz :×
Co tam mordko ?:>
Hoy hey, I was thinking about the same! But I'm alone, and dunno where to start... It's been like 7 years and bananas, cheers
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