RTCW 2018 Movie. Big ask I know...

May come in 2018....


I saw homie was planning a follow up to twisters rtcw 1.4 history video which we all want to see…and it got me thinking…
A video not only for 1.0 history but these recent years including the merge with 1.4 usa servers and players.
Hopefully if this isn’t a total mess, it will give homie some motivation!
I haven’t played in years however I’m heading into a shitty polluted Chinese winter in a month so will have loads of time inside.
I would love if there was some serious interest in this, players from higher levels, euros, classic pubers and all are welcome.

What I want: 
Named demos with times and action descriptions uploaded to somewhere easy like zippy share, fb message.
The usual worthy shiz, cool single kills, pistols, sprees, panzers, nades, tks, teamwork, sneaks etc.
old ts and vent inserts.
homies youtube cup upload links with warwitch calls with times if you played in them with the demos of course.
If someone has screenshots of the old rtcwchaters.tk page, clansdomain website, the beach stats page, clan websites/forums, s4ndmod website, sod, fod, rk website, ng, scandal screenshots such as rastas big mistake etc, basically old 1.0 memorabilia send anything in!
I will be posting a 1.0 clan list in the undying legends forum post for those who can help me out with that.

Hold your comments, I get this is a pretty big ask in 2017/18 but I’ll see what I get back.
Soooo if you’d like to contribute, start looking through your old demo folders, unfinished frag movie folders and start recording those 2018 dirty pub frags.
I am posting this on the rtcw Facebook page, undying legends, ecgn and crossfire forums. Feel free to share elsewhere.
Will judge the interest after a few weeks in jan 2018. Tell others!

Send/Contact me at finnbloxsom@gmail.com
Finn Bloxsom on the rtcw Facebook page.
What are you doing in China?
I see you're Canadian. I work at a bc school there. heaps of them around in Asia.
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