rY needs 6th :)

so after craz left us we are in need of a 6th guy to complete our lineup to play the upcoming qcup and authentic cup. first of all if u have been connected with any cheat accusations, dont pm me u wont get an answer. if u dont have a " decent " and " good " clanhistory, dont pm me neither.

so what we are searching for is a medic. U should have got nice reviving skills and of course a nice aiming. our line up at the moment consists of 5th active guys with two backups, which looks like:

Germany RoXoR
Germany sal
Germany loku
Germany eYe
Germany gzD

Germany mens0
Finland shitty

u dont have to speak german or understand it cuz we played many wars with english comms and we dont really care about it...

so if u are interested pm me / sal / roxor @ #royality.et

if u are fast u will get a tryout today, bb
[flag=skill] high
shitty is cheatter xDDD
roYality gzD
roYality loku
morrigu-esther LATENCY
morriqu-ceeji Latency
royality RoXoR
roYality eYe
roYality Sal
aber mit aow in der clanhis kann ich mithalten!!!:P
to 'kick' craz ? ...
as u know gzD is stupid so :>
good luck :)
gl Sir Von Imnenso oldschooler:)
no "decent" clanhis no testgame :( gl anyway
when will you play our Qcup game?
Sunday?! Ask roxor that lazy bitch...
gl deutsche noobs
gl newbs
very nice guys!

u can also contact most of em @ #velerion ^^

dont miss your tryout!
good luck rY
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