noob looking for clan

hai! im looking for a clan again :) but just to be backup for, since times and days im avi to play always are different i wouldnt mind being 2nd backup either ^^ pm me here on xfire if u can use a medic. laters
w00t gl kris. 3v3?
hey! well i dont enjoy et enough anymore to play 3v3, just 6v6 mate :P
thats fair enough :p but me and mazee/sniFF are lookin for a 3rd to play a game now :p up for it?
Hey mate, welcome back :D
gl kris
kris lives!
low+ max but gl
wb, gl - and why did you leave? :o this super community
the dreaded curs that is WoW stole him from me :(
hi pro q4gamer
wb kris, i guess u saw the light that is, ET =D

also wow sux :p
Kris <3 !! :D GL m8 !!
kris ik wil je wel!
love u man:D
regards from a m8
still using aimbot? :P
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