CPU Temperature ingame

I made a script to allow you spam your CPU temperature in-game.

What do you need?

* A small nice program called Core Temp that you can get from here: http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
* The Python interpreter, get from here: http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.5.2/
* My script: http://etro.dyndns.org/~talex/dw/cputemp.py
* Enemy Territory (lol?): http://www.gamestv.org/files/1213-enemy-territory-instapack-v1-4-win/

How to setup?

* Extract Core Temp anywhere and run it. Then open the log file so you can see which columns you'll need (in my case columns 2 & 3, which coincide with the third and fourth column, check
Quote by Temp Log.log

Session start: 10:32:15, April 3, 2008
CPUID: 0x6E8
Processor: Intel Core Duo T2300E (Yonah DC)
Revision: C0
Time & Date CPU Speed CPU#0 (Core#0) CPU#0 (Core#1)
10:32:16 04/03/08.....1662.50........67.......68
10:32:17 04/03/08.....1662.50........68.......68
10:32:18 04/03/08.....1662.50........67.......67
10:32:19 04/03/08.....1662.50........67.......67
* Install python wherever you want.
* Save the script somewhere handy, open it for editing (since you have already installed Python, do Right-Click->Edit with IDLE), and change the paths & preferences to suit your system. Don't forget to save :)

How to use?

* Run Core Temp and my script (double click works).
* Start ET and make a bind something like "bind M exec cpu", where cpu is the name of the output file you've configured earlier.
* Press that key, voilla.

image: img_5041c78c023e5c2943316529dd43b0b4
Nice .. but we need first good Anti-Cheat, then CPU Temp comes at 2nd place. ^^

Btw, isn't 75 °C hot?
took me 1h to write & test & inform crossfire
will take abit more to write the anticheat ;)
Nice, when do you think Anti-Cheat is finished? Or wont you finish it? :P
will be done (soon?)
Nice, do you have much work to do for it?
erm... :) can't tell... mine stays at 67 while idle, ingame goes to 75+ maybe if i play more could go to 80... You should check the specs of your cpu to find it's maximum limits
I have 40-50 all the time :/
I got 40 when idle and 75 ingame

But im on a laptop :D
good job , really ;)
good job, but really useless tho :(
cpu usage would be more interessting
GJ, how many cores does it support?
I guess as many as you have...
i shall try it...
make something to spam ram usage...ill be so totally ownage =)))

k...not working
try removing the 'r' infront of the paths

Worked for me :D
Doesnt seem to work here

Now I have worked with etadmin mod and noticed that you can have difficulties with the paths

So doe it have anything to do with the paths?

E: Nvm , solved it myself :o)
thnx quad <3
No, it does not scan Czech Republic your temperature ... buy a USB thermometer if you want to spam us with Czech Republic your temperature :D:D:D
Nice, glad to see some programmers around here :), how is this anti-cheat going to work exactly? Is it going to scan files or is it going to scan packets sent?

Thanks for this :), although I just use a prog I made ages ago over the window to see mine :).
im also a programmer
very useful
you aren't german.
omg it goes all the way to 89 for me :|
Do you love it! thats hawt!
:O Thats almost as hot as me
you will shorten the life of your card a lot of by having such temps, is it a nvidia card?
It's CPU not GPU... but I think that is a laptop he is getting temps from and laptop CPUs always run hot.
Yep, it's a laptop :-S atm at 60 but going for a stable ~87 ingame
Mine never passes 25!

but that is because the x2 4000+ brisbane has a broken sensor :(
q6660 g0 at 3.6 gig, running at around 40 in-game
nice work, now i have the idea to make a script that spams crossfire journals :D
LOL, np 4 cuttyP
P.S. Stick to the tradition and do it in Python, rulz!
would be a nice project to get into python i guess
Indeed, and trust me, py is really easy and actually a very nice language.
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