The Sopranos Question

T was shot bei uncle junior at end of Serial 5 or 6 ? Im just wondering thought i loaded newest series of it and seems like its all before it
U know the coma thing when t got shot by uncle pauli and stuff
thats endsstuff of seires 5 or 6 ?
paulie isnt his uncle
junior is his uncle and he shot him cause he didnt recognize him he just went crazy since he is senile
I saw that stuff a ysar ago , u see that i mistaken them :P
Mama can u help ? is that at the end of series 5 ?
5th i guess 6th is the last season so its impossible
just read
yeah thats my guess too but its just strange i started it , and seems like it never happenend
edit ;
lol its at beginnig of series 6 , damnit where did i stop :P ^^
well maybe its the 4th then ;X no idea anymore
Ambro i think he can read and if u change T to it then u dont even know what were talkin about
need steam link for sopranos first season
wat de hell?
nice engrish skills
not :( i like teletubbies
not really
Either 5th of 4th.
T = Tony
actually, i think junior shoots him in the 1st or 2nd episode of season 6 and the next few episodes are about T recovering.

be aware though that season 6 has two parts... 22 episodes in total.
Must be h4x
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