Euro 2008: POL vs CRO

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poland will win since we're gonna play with 2nd lineup
probably you don't know how bad we are xD your 2nd lineup can be enough
thats exactly why they're gonna lose, not that it matters really, cro advances, thats all that matters
1:2, even versus their 2nd lineup
im shocked we score one gol in euro :o , but i think we loose whit croatia iven if theyy play 2 linup ;D
2:0 for poland
Netherlands Leo Beenhakker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when ger vs. aut is a draw and poland shoots some goals, they are placed 2nd,.. swiss had no chance anymore :)

anyway poland will loose.. their press have to make less stupid ideas next time^^
mm, not really.. if Austria wins against Germany and Poland wins against Croatia (and shoots some goals yea, to get better goal-difference than Austria) then Poland would qualify, so very unlikely:). If Austria and Germany plays a draw, Germany will qualify.
ye i know :> (dunno why i wrote then oO)
so there is a chance.. when austria win, thats wuz my point ;)
swiss had absolutely no chance,
thats the difference i meant^^
And Germans have to make less stupid commercials next time.
dont watch so much tv, tell/show me pls :P
hrhr xD
ok touche, but some things of the polish press were exaggerated imo :>
polish press with german owner ( BILD) xD
It was one single commercial of an absolutly unknown bet company. But u seem to fall for every populism.
Ja ja, Deustchland uber alles.

That's everything what you are able to say.

Peace :)
Firstly you blame me for hating patriotism, then you assume me to be it with quoting a text of the anthem of the third reich. :P

Whatever...good luck against Croatia.
Nah, I just like to argue with you because you're quite intelligent person (no "gtfo", "stfu", "stupid Polaks" texts from you) :-).

Anyway luck won't help us, the truth is harsh but we just suck on this tournament (prolly we are the worst team there ...). My bet is: 2:0 for Croatia.
2:0 Poland
1:0 Poland, or 2:1 also for us.
Poland will lose for sure, even if Croatia would play with their 3rd squad. Germany will pwn Austria as hell.
chefurji will lose
poland 0-3 croatia, thx bb
Ez for poland
Poland 0:2 Croatia
I'm hoping for miracle, go austria!! :D
imo Poland will win this one
pol 0:2 cro
end of the tournament , 2:2
Pol 2:1 Cro
poland still has a very small chance to qualify. So i think poland will take this one.
neee, hrvatska mora pobjedit jos jedan put :):)
Good news: no Bak & Smolarek in polish line-up.
come one the polska!!
Lulz, Polska lover ! I like your profile ;D
polaks need win :( !! impossible
It is not impossible for Poland to win. I'm sure that Poland will win :x
polish lineup:
PolandArtur Boruc - PolandMarcin Wasilewski,PolandMichal zewlakow, PolandDariusz Dudka, PolandJakub Wawrzyniak - PolandWojciech Lobodzinski, PolandRafal Murawski, PolandMariusz Lewandowski, PolandJacek Krzynówek -BrazilRoger Guerreiro - PolandMarek Saganowsk
so what? why did you post it? who cares? etc.
Saganowsk- russian name imo
dont think so. His name is with ski on the end.
bachor wrote it without "i" :c fail...
expected :D
omg pathetic :/
Krzynowek = Rasiak
What a terrible performance :DDD
Croatia 1:0
How fucking low can we be ?
I really thought Poland can take it, but seriously, it was a pathetic performance...
S U X: we can't beat Austria, we can't even draw with 2nd Croatia cortana. At every match changes after 1st half needed to be done cause somebody sucked that much.

Good points @ Poland: Boruc, Roger, Saganowski. Kokoszka + Zahorski played not long enough, still I think they did much more than rest, even if we blame Zahorski for not scoring a goal. Good that Bak didn't play @ last match- new defence need to be build, but I think Kokoszka should've played whole match.

I blame Beenhakker for not taking Sikora. We didn't have classic forwards + we didn't really play a single match with 2 forwards.

All rest sucked imo
Croatia 1-0 Poland
thx ... croatia sux btw
Hahaha so Germany suck even more ;-))))))))))))))
I'm pretty sure you didnt get what i wanted to express, did you?

fool :)
I was wondering wether you was talking about their football team seriously or not. But I assumed you were, since Germans are serious business :D

I was also wondering if you talked about croatia as a country you were on holidays etc. But this time - you couldnt be serious since its fucking great place for spending time during summer there ;-)

It also came to my mind that you wanted to consolate him, to say that you share his pain after his team got kicked out of the Euro with 1 goal shot and 4 lost, having achieved 1 point ;-) But after some logical processes I denied that option.

I was thinking about few other things but I quickly got over them and concluded that you must be:
A: Kiddy who's country got owned by Croatia, and now that kiddy is calling Croatia suckage or
B: Nationalist who's country got owned by Croatia, and now that nationalist is calling Croatia suckage.
Thats a common situation I can see everyday in ET, when person A was killed by person B and person A says person B sux, but that does clearly mean person A sucks even more if he was killed by sucking person B.

I guessed that you are A (kiddy), therefore I created my reply with long string of smiley, to keep up a level.

But well, your response made me check your profile and together with the style of your reply, it brought me to withdrawing my opinion about you. I also tried to think about other reasons why you wrote what you wrote in the first comment, but I must apologize, I cant work out any. But it would be nice if you helped me out with understanding ;-)
I really was about to skip your answer, cause it was way too long ;) but nice to read anyway.

You were close but although far away. I'm neither a Nationalist nor a Kiddy ... in most situations.

The real reason [can you hear the flam?] is that is was just kinda act of defiance which wasnt created to be taken seriously.

And you were right about Croatia being a nice country for holidays. I was there twice within the last 3 years.

I hope i was able to help you sleeping better prospective :))

Best Regards // Cancel "fool". I should keep it for different crossfire users ;)
thanks and ofc my apologize for too long post and for everything that you could take as an offence towards your person.
woah, poland seriously sucks :S

didn't expect that
man, we played better even vs ger
So am I the only one in here who said a few months ago that our match versus Austria is the most important, because we will play for the 3rd place in our group? We didn't win, so we are 4th. Zurawski sucked in 2002 and 2006, why should he play better now? Smolarek isn't in the 1st squad in his club, the same about 50% of our players. Only Boruc was good, but it's nothing new that we have good goalkeepers.
Croatia played with 9 subs and Poland couldn't win... I beted 1:0 for Poland...totally unexpected
That is what I call a nice bench :D
Portugal did the same against Switzerland but they couldnt win xDDDDD
now the conclusion plase ;-)
Portugal owns.
hmm interesting :D
e picko picko, uvijek se na hrvatsku igra, ja sam stavio stotku na hrv i njem,dobio 410
igrali smo sa jednim ofenzivnim veznim i sa 3 povucena, a poljaci sa 4 napadaca i mogu nabrojati na prste jedne ruke koliko su puta presli centar. Ne bi se nikada kladio na hrv u takvoj situaciji gdje nam ne treba pobjeda, a protivnici ganjaju 2:0
ma znam,kako god bilo,moram uvijek na hrv igrat...
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