q4 team

Netherlands me and Estonia reload want to create a team consisting of et players for q4 4on4, you dont have to be very active... just when you feel like playing some q4 besides et :]

pm us here on xfire or #cdap if interested
Play an active better game like warsow tdm. 24 teams signed up for the latest TDM tourney at CB.
ask shewie he pwnz :p
not really :)
he beat the best player in ET
image: Shewie%20vs%20mAus
cm'on he must be good or something :p
just kidding
he should play against me @ promode =)
Shewie, tsss, lucker...

My PC cant handle Quake 4 that well :(
reload sucks dont take him
np i can join i am fujcking highskilled in q4
ask Ganon & Shewie
start wSw imo :)
Q3 CPMA and i'm in
quitted q4 a while back
2weeks :)
crossfire is for ETnubs only
I played q4 a half year...
I only do some 1o1 never did 4o4 so i like to give it a try :>!
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