plekter wants to paly

I'm Norwayplekter, and as it's summer and I live in a very boring town, I could use some buddies to play with in the evenings.
I'm not a superskiller, I'm not motivated to go for gold in any kind of league, but I'd like to meet up with some peeps on a regular basis and play a little for fun.

I'm quite out of practice, maybe I was around med-skill before I went to Africa, but I don't aim quite the same now, and I never really played competition.

So why would you want to play with some nub like me?
Because you want the same as me; some informal playing and just having fun because pubbing gets boring after a while.

I can give you:

- I'm a decent medic
- I'm a quite likable guy
- Cool stories from Africa
- Hefty guitar solos on vent
- Being as clean as a just-showered virgin (and yes, by "informal playing" i mean PLAYING not cheating)

And you better be mature enough to understand that it's just a game and don't get pissed when I have to go to bed because I have early work tomorrow.

Contact me with a PM, I don't hang on IRC much these days.

Oh; and I speak Norwegian, English, a little german, and I understand basic french and swahili.
gl liked your africa journals
"and swahili"

that actually made me smile ;)

gl liked your africa journals
gl liked your africa journals
gl !! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
gl nais guy
Bahati njema!
Asante! Unaongea kiswahili?
Ndiyo, kidogo tu :) Luga moja haitoshi
Uliishi africa mashariki?

EDIT: Naenda kulala.. Lala salama!
Nope, I'm just a genius :(

Usiku mwema, Lala salama
gl liked your africa journals
gl plekter =)
gl swart man
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