gzD needs a team

so after some months of inactivity i am searching a new team to play with. i would prefer to play as a backup player, course i haven`t got that much time to play every day...

i prefer to play as a medic or a field op, but if it is needed i can also play as an smg engineer. i have played et since the release...

u should be skilled and it would be nice if i know some of you !

my ex clans are : GaB, crazy, pstarZ, quAn, eC4 and roYality. I also played for Bavaria at the German Championships and for the South Germany Allstars.

atm my skill isnt as good as it was before i went inactive but after some 6on6s i think i can play on a good level again ...

if u are interested u can contact me @ #velerion .

have a nice day
have a nice day too,gl
gL du schlingel
welcome back gzD
Explain him, how to get stable fps and you will get a decent fieldops. Good Luck you bayerischer Hurensohn einer blutbepissten Hure.
gl warum willst nicht bei rY als backup?
bad luck huso & die of aids
always those #velerion guys..

gl ;)
#rockit paar wirste wohl kennen, kannst ja mal vorbei schaun

gruß sikz
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