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since my old camera broke up nearly a year ago, I'm in need of a new one. I was actually planning on buying one tomorrow, but to find a decent one with nice price/quality ratio, I decided to ask here just in case.

I used to have Canon's IXUS 60, I liked the layout of it, but the picture quality couldve been better.

I was considering IXUS 90, but I dont know if the price is on "best buy" -range

the camera would be just for casual use, taking it to the parties and other trips, but hoping to get some somewhat decent shots of nature with it, I know the quality and tweaking ablities are nothing compared to SLR cameras - but as I'm looking at my current money situation and the need for such camera, I'll wait with the purchase of it.

so, any help on choosing the camera is appreciated. links to good reviews, personal experience, etc

thx, decem.

random pic taken with my old ixus (high res)
image: lintunen
jump up and youll come down!
I got the Casio EXILIM EX-S10 , bought it some weeks ago and I love it. Great pictures, really decent films and overall easy to handle + uber design!

image: l_00166639

short info-stuff:

Long review:

It's around 220€ in Finland, so probably pretty expensive.

Even though it might be pretty expensive, personally I'd say because of the fact that you don't buy a new cam every day it's worth it to pay now a bit more for what you get. If you want me to show you some pics I made with it just give me a pm, I'll give you some tomorrow -> off for bed now.
my digicam:

image: Sony%20Ericsson%20K850i

:> 5 megapixel owns
Panasonic DMC-TZ5 for 300e or you could get the older TZ3 version for 200e
10x optical zoom ftw
image: cybershot-dsc-t10_large

my dad has this one, makes awesome pics srslyy ;)

edit:sony cybershot-dsc-t10
Compact cameras are yawn
How much money do you have to spend?
i guess you'r going for a handheld camera right?

then IXUS is your best choice indeed :)

if you would like some digital SLR shit (have enough money + willing to carry it around with you) check out from the 350D over
I bought this one last week:

image: 25624

it's around 300 €, not that small and pretty heavy for a "compact" cam.

but it has a 6,4 cm display and a 10xZoom (28-280 mm). 8 megapixel.

It's not a pro cam ofc, but the smallest camera with a 10 x Zoom afaik. You could aswell go for the Lumix DMC-TZ 5, it has 1 megapixel more and a larger display, but battery runs empty faster and the pics are less quality. And its ofc also a few € more.
dont buy anything other then canon imo

oh and i got canon ixus 950 is wich i def the best cam i ever owned
don't take olympus, it's pretty shit :x

that fe-115 or smth - no focus unless you have supermacro rezhime, full of noise and crappy pictures... + video recording with no audio ftw.
I got the Casio Exilim z-1000 (10,1 mp) and it really works great. I had a Hewlard Packerd before, but this one is definently better to use. I bought when it got released like 1.5 year ago and it was €450,- but it must be lower now :p
My Digital Camera: Nokia N95 8GB, 5 MEGAPIXEL! :D
That's the one im buying today, not the 8gb version though, not worth the extra money.
Phase One P 65+

60 MPixel (180 MB/photo ^^)

only 39.900 dollar

image: 1216568057
you a pro photographer?
no but I saw a news article about this cam 2 days ago, so I thought he lets post it :P
bought this one for my brother a few weeks ago, ~150€ is quite a good price for a decent digital camera (I'd suggest the coolpix or one of the ixus series indeed)

and about the SLR cameras, I'd go for Nikon as I heard and read many good things about them
I bought the nikon D60 (my first SLR) about a month ago and I'm more than happy with it (can be compared with the 400/450D from Canon)
the only difference is that Canon has this cashback action (you get about 60€ after you buy their camera), but the Nikon lenses are a bit better I've heard (and Nikon has those actions that you get a free 8GB SDcard)
(and my neighbour, which is a photographer, told me you'll hear much more about Nikon within in the photography domain)
Hearing more about a brand is not always better, can also be alot of negative things.
I know, but I've done a lot of research :p
I know you can't be 100% sure, but it gave me enough info to buy this one
I would still go for the Phase One P 65+ :D it's not a complete camere but it only costs 39.900 dollar! xD

imagine how your photos will look like with 60 MP, don't think you see any difference with a 10 MP on ur screen but that doesn't matter xD
MP's are overrated.. when ppl are checking out cameras they automatically check out the amount of MP's, as if that's all that matters (while MP mainly is important for PRINTING and you're not going to tell me everyone who buys that camera will start printing their pics :D)
It's the size of the sensor that makes the real difference.
hmm, thanks for all the comments. I'm in need of a new phone aswell, but didnt even consider any of them having good enough camera so that they could be considered. I'll have a look at nokia's new phones if any of them have decent cameras. if not, I'll check the reviews some of you posted more carefully. Canon IXUS is quite tempting out of the options though.
a friend recently bought the sony ericsson w350, pretty nice phone for its price :o)
SE rly has nice functions..
is that your bird btw? :p I also started to make some close-up shots from animals/nature, it can come out pretty nice (some pics@flickr)
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and I would not buy other phone than nokia. I did some checks and that new Nokia N96 seems awesome, but so does the price. even N95 8GB was rather expensive so I'll go for Nokia N95 - the price is around 400 euros in finland.

my current phone is 6 years old nokia, served me really well and I'm going to keep it as my secondary phone when I go to places where I will be so stoned or drunk that I might lose the phone. for me nokia means quality and long lasting product. every other manufacturer seem so cheap compared to nokia :)
looking at its price.. that's a smartphone I guess ;D
link is fixed btw! edited
yeah, the price is nice. though, 400 aint much if you buy phone and dig. camera seperately, you'd spend around 200 to both and they would both be just mediocre.
since I need to buy a phone which I will be using for a long time, I obviously prefer nokia to be that. did some feature checks on nokia's site, thus I ended up selecting this N95.

btw check edit on the earlier comment aswell.
yep I did, I still have my 3y old (samsung x640) phone and planned to buy another one a while ago, but instead I bought the Nikon D60 for my job, which costed 600€, I guess I wont get another phone for a while now :D
:) oh and about the bird, it flew to my window, I heard the sound and went outside to get it as our neughbours cat was stalking it. on the picture the bird is on my computer desk and I used the digital macro to get the picture, camera was only like few centimeters away from it.
try sony ericsson k850i

very nice phone with a 5megapixel cam
"sony ericsson"

no thanks, got Nokia N95 8GB now, was 450 euros.
best mobile phones imo
cant beat nokia
I have IXUS 70. It's pretty good, really small but very nice photos for the size.
I just recently bought a camera for my aunt. Went with a Canon PowershotA720 IS. It's not really small nor does it look stylish and it feels cheap, but it has 6x optical zoom, many functions, manual modes, a viewfinder and a nice macro mode. It doesn't cost much and is very versatile.
On the other hand if you want a small P&S for parties, there might be "better" alternatives.
Here's a review:

Keep in mind that nowadays the image quality of compact cameras is getting worse with every new generation.
Samsung d75 or smth i have, works well. 7mega pixels, so nice sharp images. Taking images on a high resolution i could zoom into the picture with windows picture viewer and see trichomes! (plant pictures)

i have bought recently Canon IXUS 860 IS(299e) and i am very pleased to quality of the pic's & easy to use and clear 3"screen.

MB test winner

Some more info

If you want to see some test pictures etc.. leave msg
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