hey folks , some facts about the loved and "feared" *BiO* Clanserver due its owner wants lil bit more attention on it :)

*BiO* Clanserver - www.YCN-Hosting.eu for info and stats click here

etpro 3.2.6
16 + 4
Dial Up Modem Players allowed (Antilag)
Limited Heavy Weapons
Balanced Teams enforced
Friendly Fire activated
PunkBuster protected
patched ET 2.60b (Buffer Overflow Safe)
ET 2.60b linux-i386 May 8 2006
Location: United Kingdom, Europe

Some Random UK Pic :

image: 440px-Union_jack_hed
feared? :x
like we don't know the server yet
bio sucks atm.. "anti noob zone" .. u rly need clean all nubs and cheaters :/
haven't seen any cheaters there tbfh and i have played there like last few years.
think what ever you want
stop watching movies... makes you see weird nightmares about cheaters on BiO
bio is a shit atm, u need new admins. and 20slots? 16.
16slots are fine like it's now. why admins? only some changes into config is enough.
i played there once and there were 3 unknown guides and 1 guide with letters like m and l in it ... no cheaters hu¿?
we didn't talk about cybergames
it was on BIO retard
says a belgian
15 ( 7 August 1993 ) go home kiddo
first idiot ever bite the dust. i m actually older than you <3

your not im 19 you are 15 and when i see your retarded comments i already estimated you as a 15 year old that has stupid comments. and if your really older then stop being a pain in the ass and write comments fitting your age...
actually i have borned 1987... so stop talking trash babyboy.
always funny when randoms like you stucks to flame age.. mwuahahah moron gtfo
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says a nicklamer gratz
you can better go sleep
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you started flaming him for being belgian, so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
ain't allowed to be belgian.. i am just a realist
oke i agree, what do you wanna do about it now?
why should i do smth for it? just made things clear
well if you are telling me it's illegal to be belgian, you should uphold the law!![/u]
Well you sure as hell sound very mature!
i presume the game server rank is based vs jaymod and etpub servers, being as how bio is full until 4am every day?
Very nice server. Just like u|k public. You snipe someone, you are banned.

Just shut the server down please.
yeah MG, flamer, mortar, snipers, mines and stuff are always welcome into "anti-noob zone" servers... just go into todeszone / cybergames
Where's Efterlyst </3 ?
bio? huh?

Kevlar, send me private pw in pm!

and bring efterlyst back =/
well hang on ppl..its always full so why not get another bio?
more spam
delete this shizzle
remove special delivery
remove your comment
why would you cry for attention if your server is full almost the entire day
cause prolly they want bettr players in xD
and why would they be interested in trying to join a full server?
or a server full of low+
We need more admins on the server, I just checked the guids of the ppl on the server and i noticed that nearly every second has a new guid....

sucky server. even cybergames is better. Only newbs playing + retarded referees.
agreed 100%

before bio had only good players, now...
ye still remember the time when i joined bio and saw everyone with millions of hs + high acc.. only good aimers etc.. nowadays it seems a random low+ pub :\
sad but true :<
the first time i joined the bio server, i remember me, that a PF owned each time with the luger, without cvamping or raping ofc, he rush with the luger and i had no chance, probebly winghaven :XD

but, if u play at bio, i can see the difference to another public server tbh.
BiO is still netter.

but, noones kick this camperraper or 1man panzers, like where the axis are camping at the allieds gatespawn, and just waiting all the time, this kind of players should be kicked on server's like BiO.
I like to say..noobs should be kicked from the server.

I remember first time I join BIO, every1 was talking with one player, that player was raziel. It's true..bio is still netter but not like in the past.

But like as we saw that good players, like nigh, senji, raziel, now.. it's hard to see players like that in bio, that's the point.

Bio changes of ip many times too...
let s do a clanserverwar. 8x8 vs 8x8 :D
Location: United Kingdom, Europe
Location: United Kingdom, Europe - I understand that pings may be higher for you. I may consider moving BIO to one of YCN's German Servers which will be up in the next few days but I am not an admin of the server and will need to ask permission to do it
stop with all this spamming shit, everyone knows bio - you are just giving it a bad name by spamming about your stupid irc channel which gives you a larger e-penis yet you wont even op the actual people that run the server.

"due its owner wants lil bit more attention on it :)" - Unless you have been talking to kevlar, or even more surprisingly got hold of sphere then I think this is a stupid remark to make. If you have, however, been asked to do this by YCN then I will remind you that YCN provide a sponsored service to HOST Bio, they dont own it...
You owned him splodge!
Do you really think i would ask of that mate?
No, but you were the only other person I could think of that he may have talked to.
Nah mate I would never do that that’s disrespectful and dishonest
put the spawntimes on b4 and gold back to normal, its like your asking for axis spawnrape... retarded decision ever
bio was always shit, efterlyst was always nr1!
retarded server
BiO* Clanserver - fps.net

THAT server ruled.
yeh, but unfortunately FPS went out of business :(
You got us now :> and we got you but i am sure the players where better at the time
can agree
more slots plz!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111
gimme admin on server to kick cheater(mongols ..
that wont work!! because if you kick mongols you would kick the other admins!!!


i like the admins and they like me ..
like an comment, each 2nd person have a newguid... so...

may be bio, can open a forum, where only real guids are accepted, like elemental forces opened a forum for watching the player stats.
may be do this, that ppl's can connect on this server.
so it s even cleaner and better i think.

but not more slots.
This post was added on my birthday, this is fate!
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