senn looking for team


With the OC/EC coming up soon, i'm looking for a team to compete in it!

I'm looking for an OC premier team at least.

about me:

nick: Belgium senn
languages: Benelux, United Kingdom (both fluently)
age: 22
experience: i have experience in OC premier, WL Alpha etc back in the days (2 years or more? ago)
I have only played casual since, but i feel I can still compete with med/med+.
I will only be having 10-15 hours of class next semester, so i'll have plenty of time to prac/play.

what i want from you:

I am mostly looking for a Benelux team with people that I know (abit), or at least some I know.
I expect you to be mature when it's needed and be nice in general.
I don't want a new 2 weeks team... Been there, done that.
You need to compete in OC premier(/EC) and the occasional other 6-6/3-3 cups

for more info:
you can find me here, or in #hyperion-gaming ( nick = senn{ or senn{off )


nice post!
gl senn.

Nice guy.. skilled... well decide for urself ;D
Gl senn!
not EC worthy
that's probably why i'm looking for an OC team, no?

keep your personal beef with me out of my topic
Quote by sennI'm looking for an OC premier team at least.

anyways, gl
yes, at least. meaning i don't want div 2
i dont have any beef with you. I have just seen you playing :D
Neither are you.
GL! And I've seen some worse players lookign for EC teams so imo you could handle EC ;)
gl senn
decent player, gl
so after what i read there will be EC OC-prem only imo ^^

i just started playing et 5 days im looking for a ec team ! pmme
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