Obama Octover surprise :P

US Television about it
Seems so that Obama was born in kenya and cant be President in the USA . American press ignores it but i smell a nice scandal coming up :)
would be awful ;<
Its all very circumstantial, the beauty of the internet is that you can put forward such a video and it looks somewhat legitimate but this hardly is
Where's that payment list? :p
if he was really born in USA why wouldnt he provide the original birth certificate, instead hes handling it awfully weird
its great that its been taken to court because now the truth has to come out
Too long, summary please!
Arnold for president!
he's brb since terminator 3
Then we can cagematch Vladimir Putin... battle of the century.
Putin would own Schwarzenegger 1o1
inst his father from nigeria?
It's been around since the early primaries & means nothing.
yeah US constitution means nothing anymore no wonder things are going down the toilet in that country
I smell McCain supporter :?
nah i just really liked what USA used to be
Ron Paul would have been my pick other than that i dont really care
just interesting to see if it turns out Obama is not natural born citizen and hes allowed to run for president anyway
wouldnt be the first time constitution is ignored
Used to be when?
pretty much before year 2000
Sure plenty inexplicable things’ve gone on since – but it’s never been that idealistic beacon of tolerance ‘n hope. Segregations’ not a distant memory for many, the war atrocities, assassinations, recession, corruption – as with any country.
Not seen the videos as at work - but assume it's the usual? Obama is very much a US citizen & very much eligible to run for POTUS.
"I'm independent"

"This episode is brought to you by:

www.obamacrimes.com "

No surprise, that terrorist!
LOL A FOX PROGRAM. no fucking wonder.

nice fuckup, democrats :)D
What jezix said
Obama was born in Hawaiji, in the United States unlike McCain who was born in Panama. Although he was accepted as an US citizen becouse he was born in military family.

There's nothing to worry about, US will have the first nigga as the president soon.
you meant Hawaiii ?
you meant Hawaii ?
yes i just wrote 1 more "i" was a mistake :i
lol pls
as if those elections would change anything anyway....
related: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/154582
I think the choice of presidential candidates is important enough to sort all these things out beforehand without saying "Ah, let's be lucky!"
hehe, 'let's hope they won't find out!' :P
I don't care who becomes the next president of U.S as long as it's not Bush.
mccain will do the same things bush did
obama will too, he will just veil it better, just like Kennedy ;-)
better that mcain will be teh president
he sure is cooler and white too!
Unexpected from an Israeli...
sarcasm motha fucka
do u understand it? ;D
plus that obama prick doesnt suport israel as much as mcain does
omg - meaning that Israel would have to fight their war on civilians all alone? OMFG THIS CANT BE TRUE!

Maybe they even would have to face UN resolution for their war victims treatment...UNBELIEVABLE!
As has been said... he was born in Hawaii, he is a United States citizen through jus soli. His dad is Kenyan and his mother is from Kansas.

For future reference: Fox News is barely a reliable news source on anything much less a story on a Democrat.
Even if he were born in Kenya, which he wasn't, the laws in effect at the time of his birth allowed a child born to one American citizen parent to claim US citizenship so long as that parent was resident in the US for ten years prior to his birth, which his mother was.

Incidentally, John McCain was (actually) born in Panama.
Fuck yeah, Palin for president!
McCain was born on an American military base. Jus sanguinis would say he is American if he was born on the Moon since his parents are American (as Adacore said regarding Obama).

If you thought we was in trouble now, she's already said she doesn't know what to do as a Vice President... much less President. D:
I wasn't serious :)

Anyways, Palin as president would be a total disaster.
having citizenship is not enough their constitution states that one must be natural born citizen
If you can automatically (or "naturally") claim citizenship at birth, that's the definition of natural born citizen...
oh ok my bad
I heard he was born in north korea
I fucking knew it !
obama ftw, fuck mccain the scumbag
Kenyaaaa <3<3<3
can any1 summarise ?
They say Obama wasn't born in the United States, but in Kenya. Also if he was born in the United States and was a natural born citizen, he lost that status, because he went to school in Indonesia, and back then you could only go to Indonesian schools when you were an Indonesian citizen. When he returned to the US, he would have to have gone through immigration, and they're sure he didn't do that. And also if he would have gone through immigration, he would no further be a natural born citizen and could therefore not run for president.

The case has been taken to the court, but Obama still refuses handing in a birth certificate

my oppinion:
it does not matter where he is born, but who raised him
and that was the USA!
If Obama was born in Kenya, then it would weigh up for McCains age (72) and i highly doubt that McCain would live through his presidency.
Palin for president!
She would just try to win the Miss World title and fail miserably in the attempt
Omg, Obama isn't naturally born citizen - the conspiracy of the century, the end of the world. Obvious pre-election bad quality soap bubble strike.
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