snb searching lan support

As the topic explains, S. N. Battalion is in search of LAN support. Whether minimal or not, we will certainly consider all offers.

We're currently playing EC playoffs and have been together with a relatively solid lineup since July. Our EC lineup is however different to our CC5 lineup, and we will be prioritising on CC5 practice, which may hinder our remaining EC performance, but nonetheless we hope to continue further in the cup.

Our lineup is:

United Kingdom rahul
United Kingdom Meez
Netherlands Viax
Finland Reikkeri
Germany Sight
Poland wiaderko

Any further questions can be asked here or to me on irc if any mgc's are interested.

Any suggestions from players on who we should approach are also welcome.

p.s. We do already have servers provided very generously by YCN-hosting, so MGC offers not including any lan support will not be welcome.

Thanks in advance =)
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Sponsoring (a) Polak(s) is always a risky bussiness.
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what did he say wrong?

no matter what reason, there are many examples of polish teams not going to lan, previously assuring they were.
I'll say now that we'd only like serious comments in this thread: please no nonsense about "i don't think xyz will attend" "online only" "my arsehole fits my head perfectly" etc.
welcome to crossfire hentai.
you're allowed to live along supreme white, rich ppl, how fkn much do you need support from europeans?
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Bit of a longshot, but try contacting some well known (and some not well known) sponsors/mgcs of teams in other games, ET may not be CSS, but perhaps some of their sponsors/mgcs would be intrested if you sell yourselves enough.

"i don't think xyz will attend"
"online only"
"my arsehole fits my head perfectly"

Who the fukk is xyz? lol'd
I can buy you guys some lollipops!
Drinks are better, but lollipops wouldn't be too bad ;oD
online only

meez wont go fosho
We're paying for the flights together on thursday, so prepare for hat eating o_o
meez wont go fosho
Funny how he said that he wouldnt go when it looked like snb wouldnt make it out of the EC group stages. Is he sure this time?
It was nothing to do with that >)
i dont remember it ever looking like that
GL Sight hure <3
ask perfo 8D
where's perfo?
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this team without perfo = guaranteed fail @ lan
it's a trap.
Lol some people do live in a dream world :O) what half decent sponsor (if there's any in ET?) would reply to a thread like this ~/

Contact a few, sell yerself - get used to being laughed at.
It's as much in search of suggestions for who to contact as anything else =)
Id be happy to sponsor such a talented and promising team! Damn, I even pay mystic to get there for a backup slot after wiaderko epicly fails!
no chance without deflorator
you won't find anything anyway by posting it here.

just contact coca cola, or .. jack wolfskin
Why the hostility?
then suggest who we should contact ;D
jack wolfskin

No erh, just a random company that has atleast something to do with gaming, use arguments like this is a new way to promote your company to a wide public, stuff like that ... But it will take a lot of time (you have hentai for that anyway)
You won't find a company that wants to invest in ET by itself, you'll need to convince them of their potential profit by stating CC5's "immense" fanbase, your history and audience, just the overall exposure that the company will get.

Nevertheless good luck with it...
we're not really searching for a company as much as an MGC, they're usually a bit easier to convince ;D
Yeah but companies won't just sponsor you without any exposure :/
FiF, one4one, dignitas.
if by fif you mean 8bits, their manager hasn't come online for a week. one4one don't offer lansupport and dignitas don't sponsor ET anymore.
Too bad, nay?
nice jokes, wiaderko online only ;(
meez wont show up for sure
meez wont show up for sure
im sure you will find something on crossfire
gl a rly nice Team! I wanna see the Teams under the best 5 at cc5!!!! Good Luck & Have Fun @ EC & CC5!!!!
yeah they promised to send me to the bahamas when i am able to get last! :D
gl hentai, viax, sight !
gL guys :]
gl to everyone except of sight, fag! <3
gl Mr. Reikkeri ^^
what nellie said but gl :X
you suggested the same i did ages ago, the difference is that he actually listens to you! ;D
haha :D great minds think alike :I
gl wiadro :)
Poland for lan?

i do think qyz will attend
hmm the world is in a financial crises and a group of relatively unknowns are asking for a free trip to play a free game with next to no prize money in competitions...

makes perfect sense

compared to most people in this game we're not relatively unknown. furthermore, we're not asking for a free trip. and also, 5000e isn't next to nothing.

thanks for the useful input anyways.
please tell me what a potential sponsor could possibly get out of this...i seriously am intrigued..

edit 5000 is comparison, and seriously dude are you expecting to get any share of that money?
well the only people that really benefit from any kind of exposure are gaming related companies, speed link or other hardware firms, just for e.g. This also depends on the coverage of the event in the most part.
But I'm being realistic, you wont get any more than a "token" sponsorship in your position...this is kinda fact..but I respect your optimism and wish u luck ofc (no sarcasm)..
You realise that one of the strongest growth sectors this year (one of the only growth sectors) has been computer gaming, right? Sponsorship doesn't sound like a terrible idea - sure, I wouldn't sponsor much, but a little to get your name out to a multinational collection of reasonably well educated (as we're mostly english-literate euros), reasonably rich (as we can afford to both buy decent PCs and travel to LAN) young europeans sounds like a good investment.
Youre absolutely right, the gaming sector houses many opportunities for potential investors in many fields.. However this team doesnt strike me has being a team in the limelight that would generate me any coverage worth noticing.
I am in a position myself to sponsor through my company but, rule of thumb applies, this would seriously not be worth my while. Like Nellie so aptly said, "Lol some people do live in a dream world "....
gl Sight :)
Contact mgc's yourself. There are enough out there and there may prolly be some who would also support you. Just search for the ones who already support smaller games like DoD:S or TF2.
g hentai my first my last my everything ^^
keep dreaming
second that
Sight, wiadro my darlings gl
gl you will need it !
I'll give you bnc's
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