Fatgames needs shoutcaster

Fatgames needs a radio commentator for the ET squad and/or other games such as CoD4, TF2, ...

If you're an enthusiastic fluent speaker and you know what the game is all about don't hesitate to contact us. You will be given the chance to shoutcast all Fatgames officials primarily, but also any other game you prefer, taking interviews from the pros and being the new voice of ET (since there is such a lack of shoutcasters atm).

We will provide you a shoutcast server with unlimited bandwidth (for millions and millions of listeners) and the use of a ventrilo where you can invite people to talk to during the broadcast. Your casts will be visible on gamestv.org and team-fatgames website.

Shoutcasting experience and popularity are both a plus but certainly not a must.

Pm me for more details.
get the show on the road ;)
i will not cast in english
that would be awfull actually ! like watching some athena youtube video
so true :DDDDD
pay TosspoT with all the money u got
only in yermish ;p
duke @ english edition
I would but my voice is too boring to listen to :D
duKe_ ofc.
IndiawWallie - nvm the game it would be extremely amusing!
haha +1 for that :p always fun with that nigga!
Well yeah he has his moments but I'd rather love to hear his famous infos on comms when he cannot find the right word like "There is thingy in the thingy" when he means and engi and a medic upstairs. On shoutcast it would be great!
Netherlands reVo, everyone will be laughing 24/7
haha yea man so true.

duKe_ for sure !!! #myduke
duKe or chmpp
ReWolf, because he fucks on the first date.

check you pm box ;)
<@ovr-Rewolf> I would like to reply on the shoutcast offer presented here at the crossfire site. I already did some few private shoutcast for people close to me, but never something big and professional yet though. I reckon myself as a good enough shoutcaster for the pro work. At this moment I am able to cover ET as a caster, seeing as I play it myself and thus have the knowledge about the game.
<@ovr-Rewolf> Although English is not my native language, I can speak it fluently enough to cast in english. In case you want a demo or want to contact one of the people who listened to me for reference, just say so and I'll make it happen.
<@ovr-Rewolf> oooooooh
<@ovr-Rewolf> oops
<@ovr-Rewolf> Pim 'ReWolf' Prins
<@ovr-Rewolf> :P
<@ovr-Rewolf> wanted to paste this: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=20315
<@ovr-Rewolf> promote me!
Isnt he like low+ :p?
he hangs with some super high skillers so he should have no problems talking a good game
np 4 pansy
i love that sentence, because pansy is awesome at shoutcasting

Id recommend rewolf, heard one of his private sessions, and was pretty good & enough community knowledge.
stop lieing ALEEEKKKZ
good luck finding one!
I can shoutcast in finnish
I can shoutcast in finnish

he be askin for engliesh

me & chmpp @ english then
"enthusiastic fluent speaker"
I'd love that.
you should ask bozz
I would like to, but I have korean accent :(
I like where this is going.
We aim to support the online gaming industry.
I can do it, done it for many years privately.
revo imo
take hupoo, he's skilled and has a sexy voice:)
kheb je nog altijd graag<3:$
doe je mee 3on3 met loekino?:D
kmoet me klaarmaken voor naar leuven te gaan :$ op stap:p
ask owzo
i speak english good
i kan southcashthing
you have a lisp or something? :D
ask andrew aka mistaken :)
potter, he's fucking awesome
i'd love to do that but i'd probly suck :(
buy gamestah radio!
i'd love to do that but i'd prolly suck too much :(
(mic is broken to) xD
easy for motif and chizzel
owzo is a decent shoutcaster...maybe he might !
I can be your shoutcaster
need chmpp & matias dual cast!
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