ye about... mousepad

...for a long time I try to find the best mousepad to my mouse (mx518)
currently I'm using icemat 2nd and playing on it is really... hard? I mean hand hurts after playing, because edge is eh... otherwise it's uncomfortable...
I read a lot about many mousepads and finally I'm wondering about these two:
steelpad 4s or Qpad CT, what's better choice? help me plz.
my desk is 6 years old =D it's not so flat :!D
steelpad qck+
jag spelar på dina gamla kalsonger
Qpad CT/thin Qpad EC-R would be pretty good for your mx518.
why thin ? :) a lot of players play on 4mm
My Qpad EC-R is extremely thin and fits well for fast mouse movements. I don't know if you prefer thin or 4mm's, but I reckon that both 4mm and 1,5mm should work just fine on your mx518.

It was pretty cheap as I bought it at ebay, but what the hell, it's worth it.
My desk has cisor grafity... I use a razer mantis control for one year with a deathadder and it's good. Now I don't tell you to buy it with mx518.

An everglide titan or and Qpad ctlarge is better ;)
Qck heavy sTeeL,"!
Any mousepad will be good for any mouse, unless you don't use hyperglides or other teflon feet and unless you have a laser mouse.

The Qpad CT will wear out within a few weeks/months, until then it provides superior glide and a good feel.
Same goes to the QcK actually.
The only cloth pad that does not wear out is the Everglide Titan (pretty slow glide compared to other pads). And the only hard pad that does not wear out is an icemat (either you love it, or you hate it). (The metal pads wear out as well, the SX incredibly fast even)
how come u know all that stuffs? tried them all? and didn't u invent some milkglass mousepad on your own? or sth like that? ^^
I tested quite a lot of mousepads, ye. I got the list somewhere, I might upload it again to my profile!

And yes, I "invented" a glassmat that is available in any size and even sold a few of them :-). So far I didn't get any complaints about them.
now we know what happened to the door of your shower cabine :P
if i remeber right it was morb who organized the glass? ^^ i dont really know why i know that stuff but i remember some irc chatting i think :p
No, morb just stole my idea again and created one as well. And dr3am has done some tutorial based on my ideas.
my qck+ seems to be doing okay, i dno about cleaning it though... i have already had to rotate it upside down because of the sweat that has dried on the surface... whats the best way to clean it?
Buying a new one every 6 months as it costs nothing.
ah right... so u cant clean it? :O
Just take some water, clean it and let it dry. (Not on heating or so)
mkay will do when this side gets fucked up ;) thx4theinfo
I used to have an optical mouse and it didn't work on some school desks, my new laser mouse does work on them, so I guess the same counts for some mousepads as well...
I'm pretty sure that most laser mice won't work on glass or metal pads. Atleast the G5 and the Copperhead, don't know about 2nd generation laser mice.
g5 is laser oO?
look underneath it.
i have none.. i just thought it wasnt.
Out of all pads ive tested recently only 2 mousepads were actually awesome with mx518 perfomance wise: Qpad CT and Everglide Titan. On these pads i couldnt make mx518 skip no matter how i tried and also i noticed a very interesting effect: ONLY on this two pads the malfunction speed became a perfect control speed allowing to move the mouse at impossible speed without any hardware accel. Maybe that happens coz these 2 pads are the most bright(got fnatic version of titan and CT white). Fucking awesome in cpma and other fast games.
My intelli 1.1 got some really weird skips on the Qpad CT white :p
there're lots of wierd combinations tbh ;[
what about plastic pad like steelseries SP?
Will most likely wear out within half a year
so I guess the best choice is Qpad CT, no more metal or glass...(?)
Razer Mantis Speed and you can own like me! (haha)
mantis speed
i agree with urtier... but still not every mousepad fits to every player.

it's about to find out the mix between control and less friction...
also some players don't like too hard (metal, glass) or too smooth surfaces

so if u'r playing with your wrist (highsens) i can understand your problems with an icemat putting the hand on the hard cold edge :P... i'm also using it, but i play with the forearm (so i don't touch the pad)

so for the icemat you have a rly small friction... but at the same time it makes the pointer harder to control/ <- that's just something u have to get used to... maybe lower your sens a little if needed

imo i would keep the icemat since it's lasting longer than your PC :P and the mousefeet can be reordered from logitech for free!
qpad ! but icemat it's pro too.
everglide titan
you should try the steel steelpad 5L it works great with the mx518 imo
i'v have the qpad ct large 4mm,icemat 2nd,mantiz control,steelseries qsometing heavy but none works as good as the steelpad 5L, at least for me.

image: 313734

btw i also use the black 3.0 qpad glidez(hope that's the correct name)
everglide titan ofc
I really liked the Titan but now I prefer PureTrak Stealth/Talent
Monstermat or gaming mat is the same surface, there's just a difference in size.

Similar to the Qpad are the Xtrac Hybrid (which isn't produced anymore) and the NOIDPad, can't say anything about those two on durability though.
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