>> DUNZ <<

ohai, I'm searching for a clan, Anonymous ET clan of course.

about you:

- United Kingdom @ vent
- active
- skill doesn't matter since i just wanna play :O)
- serv.. vent i can provide
- 3-5 time prac per week
- clean plx

about me:

- active except friday/caturday
- United Kingdom decent skill
- skilled

My last team in ET was Netherlands accurate, semi-active in cod4 due to loose of motivation, I'm not a hopper btw.

Contact me @ #accurate or #141 , send a pm here or /q one4one|dunzaR.

image: fapfapfap
gl dunzie!
GL mate
gl mate
gl shenok :o
if you wait till 1st of february, then you can play with us (vis+thejew+me). we start to play again
isn't visje in gunz?
no, its my old vision friend...

Trev!ze "manchester england, england..." üzenete:
what was ur old nick m8? :P
Trev!ze "manchester england, england..." üzenete:
deadzone :D
Trev!ze "manchester england, england..." üzenete:
Bas üzenete:
Visij / Vision / DeadZone
Bas üzenete:
Yea. :P
Distrail owner for the win. :) say Hi from me to him, is he even still on xfire? :P and with thejew you mean pala, right? gl finding others, I can always beackup you. lol.
yeah, Pala is the jewest jew here :D
you can see it back in his ping 200, lol and can´t use vent
<3 random pic!
This crazy bastard deserves a good team LOLdunZ sucker :D
Skilled guy, goodluck!
gl homoseksual!
wnb dunno
gl & wb

nigroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P
TEAMKILL: a^destiny was exploded by a^dunZ's grenade

idi nahuj <3 gL !
fuck off cunt weasel...öÖ
gl dunZIiIIi
"cu on lan" macho
gl meight
atleast i didnt cheat zLoL
gl loh :D
#:O) @ Qnet pm biitti

cod4? lolo
kelev meshuga
yeees caturday is the best day EVER
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