Turki cless

After invitium go inactive I am looking for clan (prefer 3on3 :))

More info msg Turki @ qnet
omfg why invitium goes inactive...best polish team ever IMO... :/

well anyway good luck m8
nice to hear that but everything gonna end :)
gl Turek :] invitium <3 : [ : [
michat <3 my boyfriend :D!
girls = ??? :P
tits or gtfo
gl kebab
Why you guys go inactive anyways? You were one of the nicest polaks out there to be honest :?

Oh and, Goodluck finding a team!
and you are? ...

I am looking for clan @ prefer 3on3 :)

me @ whining to u @ cf @ saatanan kehari
gl pejsie
more nexus plox
gl turki
gl turki !
if i remember, you are the player who plays with renok right ? BAN!
2bad that ur clan died.
gl with searching new clan
gl Turek =]
gl Turki =)
umyj dupe gg :)
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