filuS for last time...

since r&s had many fopses and the team decided to replace me with more experienced medic in main lineup i decided to search for another clan. I am active, reliable and skilled fops (but any smg is enough), could easily fit into some EC quali team. Pmme only if i can get spot in main lineup, dont want to be a backup (backup for EC only :D).
contact: pmme here or @irc (only serious offers)
gl spammer!
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well, like a title says, i am trying it for last time ;)
EDIT: and i dont see a real chance to get into some team because teams are full, everybody was filling lineups for EC/OC already
good luck :)
stop doing fun out of me, its not polite :(
what with ec?
even you can fit into the current ec-qualifies:P
(at least most of em)
alt ctrl + delete will work
So R&S is rly rly stable uh? And u are shit for team? u shouldn't use kick/replace word in those recruitments posts cause i.e. i think u are a crap and if others dont want u i wont want u either. just imo ofc
it was like 3 guys with same style of playing in main lineup and chry really didnt want to let do fops job to me (i joined r&s as primary fops btw ;) ). And If u ask me, i am the most efficient with fops or 2nd engie (in attacks, i dont have experiences in playing engie on tank i.e.), i got aim and timing, medic is also np for me, but they needed some more experienced medic (i know how to handle the needle, but tbh for my whole ET time i played fops).
gl very nice player :)
gl very nice player
he is a rlly nice player gl
like gnajdastyle
yeah,only with more animalized aim and not-so-suspicious-wh-headset :)
skilled :S
gl ;))))))))
Skilled player!
lol dunno why they replaced you instead of chizzel, the only reason i can think of is that he is the team's rifler or am i wrong?:x
tunesa is rifle ;) and chry told that team needs pure medic, i have played fops my whole career and i needed some time (dont get it like 2 months, i mean just 3-4 pracc, not only 1) to get used to medic roles (i know how to handle the needle, but there were still some sign of fops style, if u know what i mean). It was kinda early after one pracc (we were praccing for two weeks but chry was always changing some of my positions) but i need to respect others in team, and if they think team will do better with another medic, i cant do anything but leave (i wont be any backup, i want to be active everyday). Its all about style of playing, not about aim or comms or so (i think my aim is good enough and i am also not too shy at vt), there were just too many players with same style. They just disappointed me that they had enough courage to talk to me at vt and tell me that i am gonna be replaced, just chry let me know 30 mins before pracc that they are giving my spot to player. But i cant do anything about that, and i dont like conflicts even if they took my motivation off, so i just wish them gl in OC and pracc hard (and for rat, dont hate so much :) )
yep you arent the leader so you couldnt do anything about it. but you clearly shoot better and play better than chizzel 2 bad they didnt wanted to give you some time m8!
dray wat doe je gay
ik doe niet gay en wat was je oude nick :D
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