QPAD @ low sens



i have QPAD CT and use logitech G5. 40cm = 180°

so when i move my mouse from right to left or from left to right, it starts to move and just freez ...

i also used razer mantis control and it was very good.

So do i need to buy optical mouse ? (like razer deathadder)

high sens user....
QuoteMouse: Trust Wireless Laser

it says all

get mx518
i got a Qpad CT and a razer deathadder,it gave me an instant erection the first time i tried this. it's very smooth and if you dont believe me ill upload some pictures of me having 10k damage all the time every war!.. ok not every war...but almost every war!
and btw did you notice that g5 sucks ass? my wire broke of both my g5 and mx518, so i thought fuck you logitech ill buy razer!
oui la Razer DeathAdder est génial je l'ai mais par contre pour les razer je te conseille un tapis en tisu genre un steelseries QcK

PS: genre 40cm = 180° lol, il me faut un cout de poignet pour faire un 180° lol

razer deathadder obviously
Razer is the best i am playing with razer diamondback and i am very happy ;DDDD
g5 is shit
get deathadder
Laser mice + Qpad CT = fail

I had same with Roccat Kone + QpadCt
ps: avant quand je jouais en lowsens me fallais environ 26 cm pour un 180 °, 40 c est la longueur du qpad ct, je sais pas si tu comprends :D
il me faut 2 coup pour un 180° je sais pas si tu peux calculer :p
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