The winter break in germany´s football leagues is incoming soon. So i am looking for an ET-team to play with.

some infos about me

- good english
- medic
- friendly guy
- playing for 3 years now
- med+/high skilled in 6on6
- high skilled in 3on3
- forget about cc5, i am avi for cc7 and able to pay and go there by myself

you should be like

- a skilled team, pls don't just claim to be skilled
- the team shouldn't have more than 2 dutchies --> bb english communication
- would be nice if you are at least a bit known (i'm also up for new projects)
- be friendly
- don't cheat!!
- be ready for cc7

thanks for reading this

best regards, ABD-AL-HAMID

over and out 8 : ]
gl aquila <3
lolol i didn't hack :P
aquila is already taken...
gl man, skillat playah!
gl mate , highskilled
highskilled up my ass.
you suck mate.
you seem to be jealous
good luck to u aquila, decent player guys!
gl Aq. very good player with almost highest accuracy 50% <3
oh cmon wannabe ur medskilled max .D
gl nice guy, but not high.
he might improved? wasnt your last time when you played with him over one year ago? with kruger ors like that...
Aquila was a far better player than you tekno.. so if you hes not high that make you low-?? hes not played in over 6 months once he gets back into things.. he will be far better again.
haha yeah and your amazing your self arnt ya williams, his ex clans show his skill seriously.. if hes that good stick him with the top EC teams please.
like you got a chance as a random without having a friend in one of the top clans...
such as devilry in eurocup last year when i was active, only person i knew was s1LENT and the last tiem i played with him was in a clan 1 year ago before that, so stfu, thnx.
your reply just prooves me right. you knew him, he was the connection between you and the others. then you got to know the friends of the others, asslicked a bit (which is really welcome in the society nowadays) and played not badly and MAGIC you are in a better clan - celsus in this case.
dont play much anymore these days zZz
tekno.. thats coz im not a sad little no lifer that has no job and stays at home wanking on his pc all day long.. I never said i was good! i just like running around blowing shit up on et!! But im saying aquila owned your arse as in kruger you was back up. and every team you have been in the skill lowers when you join ie celsus suxed everytime you played with them.. Aquila plays pro football and has a gf in real life which thing you have close to that is your right hand.

Your history doesnt mean anything as you never done anything still.. and even when he doesnt play for over 6 months hes still better than you when he comes back.. thats the point!
loooooool hahaha i have a job 4 times a week, dont particulary want a birddd, go college 3 times a week, going to royal arts of london uni next year. Soooo shhhhhh, thanks :))))))
thats the worse excuse in the world to be not having sex...
hahaah had it 3 weeks ago pal, what kind of arguement are you starting? your sooo childish its actually a jokee loooool
3 weeks ago... you must be loving the hand :) <3
gl m8 :P
skilled player!!
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