backup needed k

Need an Italy italian speaking backup ( for now )
and with italian speaking i mean actually speaking it , also on comms ( hard to find :c )
If you are a 10000 damage/map doing objective whore and italian whine accepting superstar we might take you aswell :DDD
We are playing the ESL tournament and the CB Open Cup atm so u should be allowed for both

Lineup: Italy Asdino Italy diofail Italy Ryu Italy lothar Italy vegeta Italy sponge Croatia mama

u can contact me @ ( officially sponsored with a lagging server by boNg © )

image: 15e779d
1st, cancel this fucking match:
after, gl.
will be played soon anyways
Italy Spongobobo
I'll play.
how serious..
actually it is
i believe u. et serious business.
ciao ragazzi, np
pick me now
gl mama!
maffia maffia. good enough?
lol noobs
take danone
take mystify best italian aimer in et ! :)
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