2nd League Recruiting

We ( Italy n1ce ) are in need of a sixt since we will miss some players soon due several reason to finish our last OC matches ( after the OC we wont continue playing so this is just a short term joining )

We aint praccing much ( and when we prac start late like 21/22 )

Here the requirements

- U shouldnt have played in an higher league this season so that u are going to be allowed to play with us ( or atleast have a guid spoofer to cover your traces )

- Be kinda decent not a rambo retard got already enough of those :d

- Total randoms dont even bother to pm me i wont answer so image: 168h560 :c

U can contact me in #n1ce.it ( i wont answer directly since im leaving soon will be back later ! )
mama and some belgian nerds like AL1 ..
not really that was actually a joke ( and that wouldnt even be possible they are playing premier league on their own )
gl anyways.-
Italy Asdino Italy diOfail Italy LoTHaR Italy Ryu Italy vegeta Italy mama Italy sponge
gl mama i would apply if i wasnt inactive :(
+ turkish :p
whats wrong with being turkish lol :D ermm dont even start making a list cuz it wont end :PP
nothings wrong with being turkish ofc! but i doubt they want 5 italians and 1 turk :D <3
heh thats true they maybe :D <3
best of luck <3
gl mama :)
gl lan fighter :D
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