nOu need 5th

since joshua cant be sure before singups are closed and lavod doesnt want to pracc anymore, we are in need of the last awesomely skilled guy to complete our lineup for cic7. We are still playing in EMS V playoffs, so we will need u for serious business in week or two (u wouldnt be allowed to play EMS with us anyway). There also should be involved some financial support.
For more info/applications pm me/zMk here or #nOu @quakenet
EDIT: if u want to apply be sure u have experiences in playing agressive&spammy smg engie (in defense, in attacks i play zeh eng)
ure not gna attend LAN : )
joshua :(
nonix going to cic7 aswell?
my plan is to quit before the lan
how unexpected jua folded...
other team tbh
you must mean santje! :P
is he santje? :D
ROFL da wist ik niet :P & ik maar vriendelijk doen tege die gast :D
je bent een idiote jonge xDXD:D:D:D:D:D:Dd
id go with 200€ financial support, imma very poor
they pay the lan entrance, and maybe more dont know yet
gief me enough to cover plain tickets !
on lan people can actually hit you :)
that's why he stays home : DDDDDD
And I can hit back as well :)
filus why did you guys stole ufol from chry his team, not rlly nice
thats what is that log from chry to zmk about beating him up :DDDD
we didnt steel anybody, we are not playing with uf0l
gl m8 :)
gl finding 5th
I can only help with 500E
take Dolar.
gl filus and co!
gl nice guys and skilled!
so what's actually your LAN lineup then?
zMk fragstealer filuS nonix + 5th
so no dutchies left lol !
gl then I guess
pick me up!
avi lolz
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