CB offi 5on5..........

20-21CET (21-22 on a finish time)
top 20 (dont be bad, boring play.... also if unranked new dignitas then we lose 666 points)
Ranked 9 (very good clan)
http://clanbase.ggl.com/claninfo.php?wars=1&cid=1001625&lid=984 (there our clanbase wars :D also chalengge)
Blindi- @ Qnet (me also on irc, wery networked in inter-net - many conections)

Lets se if we win again, 6 last offis in ladder are win :D
gl panzerboy!
hehe, I smell winds of victory : )
/q bff
I think I after all made quite clear how to contact me incase you wanna play us.
I do not intend to start pmming random ppl around irc "hey, you wanna offi? =)"
Bad troll or stupid one?

not :D:D borat joke, nise on????
Why are you looking for a game if you actually don't wanna play one ? You look like a fool now
you giggling @ home for this awesome troll?
or are you actually stupid? I remember you being nice guy with decent brain back in 2oo8, what's with you now?

I try this one more time: I put the information necessary in order to contact me on the forum topic (Blindi- @ Qnet), that should be enough for you to understand that you should try /msg Blindi- "hey, Im al from estonia, my clan X would like to play an official clanbase game versus your world-wide respected clan KRP, our rank is X and map is X, best time for us to play would be 20.30 central european time, interested?"

I hope this helps..
These suite is black pause not
these suite is blacknot
these suite is NOT black
these suite is black
-oke lets try something else
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