kuna (team ofc ofc vent vent)

Well I don't often do these thing here, but since killerboy seems to be away or just can't be arsed to deal with it I decided to post it here.



Images of the sites (for those too lazy to click the link):
image: screenshot001bk
image: 241894m
Killerboy, why aren't you busting ppl @ Enschede, u fucking moran? :/
Totally unexpected, in our 2on2 or 3on3 offi (cant remember) he reconnected between 1st and 2nd map, 1st map lowmed and 2nd map he totally outaimed all of us, 3hs only. naturally he forgot to record =)
was busted already ??
still not banned ?? ;/
dno about any earlier busts, just checked his cb profile to see if he had any current bans. (apparently not)
finally ! image: Space-FUUUU

great work
You'll prolly get banned also :D
n1 sala, whole team has xiiters
no cześć kuna ; *
kuna geju
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