quAntocius @ Bad Company 2

We are looking for a few players to complete a possible lineup for the competitive part of Battlefield: BC2

We dont care about your k/d ratio or other stats, just dont be a total nub.

Players so far:

- Juize
- laguNa
- sYnod

Leave me a pm and add Juize ingame.

quAntocius out.

for more info, just pm
do i need to have this game to play with you guys?
gl laguna mate :)
gl juize , exz got the game but laguna and exz are hating each other :D
how much does the game cost? i can play i guess and you know i pwn :D
gl pwner
Is it a nice game?
smth like CoD4 + some changes + biiiiiiigeeeeer maps :P.
6 at gametype rush
8 at gametype conquest
4 at gametype squadrush (obviously)
Rush is 8v8 afaik
just checked kbs link and it says 6on6 :)

QuoteThe default team size in the BFBC2 Rush ladder is 6. Teams can arrange 5on5 to 8on8 matches by editing the challenge form accordingly.
Juize <33
hmm would be nice waki, but looking at the lineup on the irc channel, it isnt a bc2 team is it?

But you can count us in ;)

added you as friend ingame already
hehe looks nice ;)
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