Antwerp eSports Festival

You can find all the info about AEF right here:

I'd like to keep this topic up-to-date, so whenever your team has updates on their interest-level or line up changes, post it right here!

- General details -
image: s_foot
30th and 31st of July and the 1st of August
24 teams
5 on 5
Supply, radar, sw_goldrush_te, frostbite, adlernest
Entrance fee:
Prize purse:
Stuurboord / Hangar 26
Rijnkaai 96
2000 Antwerp
Games played:
CoD4 and ET
Official website:

- Groups -
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Group A
Europe Dignitas
Belgium Belgian Fraternity
Netherlands DreaM
Europe myRevenge
France CbZ
Europe TAGGroup B
United Kingdom Impact Gaming
Benelux Zero empathy
Europe Gamerz Connexion
Benelux TAG.AEF
Europe Titanz
Benelux Team GenuineGroup C
Europe Rockit
Germany Team-Speedlink
Benelux aestas
United Kingdom +Forward
Netherlands Saiko
Europe Mighty DucksGroup D
Belgium Overload
Netherlands Acsi-eSports dNan
United Kingdom Almighty
France Famas
Europe Unpatched unit
You can view the schedule here: Schedule Clicky!

- Important pointers -
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  • Your entire team needs to be at the venue 1 hour before the first match. Your team will receive a short briefing first (which you need to attend), after which you can start setting up. You've got 30 minutes for setting up before each match.
  • On Sunday we might do a consolation tourny for the 3rd and 4th teams of each group. This is optional though, based on how much available space and time.
  • Matches will be forced to start on time. That means if your team is late or you haven't got five players present at match-time, your match will be forced to start and you'll have to start playing with four or less players.
  • There will be a Double Elimination playoff system with the top two of each group.
  • Each team has a minimum of five matches, which gives each team enough chance to qualify for those 8 playoff spots.
  • During the groupstage, a maximum of one decider is allowed. If there's still a double fullhold on the decider, then that means it's a draw and the group will be decided by head-to-head results and round difference consecutively.
  • It's very important you bring your drivers and other software on a USB stick. There's no guarantee that your PC will have a cd-rom drive, thus you're down to using the USB ports. You will have NO INTERNET on the gaming pc's.
    When you forget to bring your drivers on a USB stick, you won't be able to download them on your PC, nor will the games be delayed because of it.
  • The schedule will be pretty tight, which means that we'll apply a very strict policy on the starting times. All the matches will be forced to start on time, whether you're there or not. That means that if you're only with 4 on the server at starting time, the game will start anyway (this does not apply to technical issues that aren't your fault).
  • When you do have technical issues with your pc, do not try to fix it yourself. A tech admin is always nearby, and asking him to solve a problem will be a lot faster than if you messed around with the PC yourself.
  • Installing software on the PC's that has nothing to do with ET and your match is not allowed and will be penalised. That means no HoN intermezzo's and so forth. Also, when all your matches are finished you are required to leave the players area to make a more fluent transition between the matches, which is to everyone's benefit.
    You're however not allowed to leave the players area when you still have upcoming matches. If you do and you're not around at game-time, your match will start nevertheless.

- Teams paid -
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Belgium lio
Belgium Jere
Belgium mAus
Netherlands joop
Belgium chry

Acsi-eSports dNan
Netherlands teKoa
Netherlands spho
Netherlands Lunatic
Netherlands Ati_
Belgium Kevin

zero Empathy
Netherlands jo0f
Belgium siL
Belgium fostrum
Malta toxic
France RizkKk

Netherlands Mott4
Netherlands 7ele
Romania FaKy
Greece Playmate
Germany pSiquh

Netherlands Tw1zZt
Netherlands Infernal
Netherlands Ironic
Netherlands Jake
Netherlands PmBb

mighty ducks
Netherlands implux
Netherlands otyg
Netherlands rockskin
Germany hotshots
Germany gungy

Slovenia Jaka
Estonia rELOAD
Germany drago
France karnaj
Finland Squall

United Kingdom kamz
United Kingdom jinosta
Netherlands adeto
United Kingdom mixer
United Kingdom potty

belgian Faternity
Belgium Sup3r
Belgium uNDEAd
Belgium AL1
Belgium chizz6l
Belgium Gifted

France an7ho
France quAke
France kawaii
France AiR
France keeji

Team Genuine
Netherlands abzes
Netherlands hayzee
United Kingdom eVo
Belgium Alm0st
Netherlands M1lk

France JiindAy
France Kallenge
France Talg
France Gast

Impact Gaming
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom meez
Wales sqzz
Italy xylos
Netherlands hayaa

Wales Owzo
United Kingdom unblind
United Kingdom rAzbo
Netherlands Xo
United Kingdom Adacore

Germany duKe_
Germany Bl4d3
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Germany kReSti
Germany sTOWNAGE

Netherlands ayanami
Netherlands Hope
Netherlands Lightning
France dlul
Netherlands aphesia
Netherlands CoCo
Netherlands Cupra
Belgium Flippp
United Kingdom rolst
Belgium Skype

Anonymous TBA
Anonymous TBA
Latvia fuzz
United Kingdom med1xza
Anonymous TBA

Team Rockit
Finland Matias
Germany zerender
Switzerland gifty
Spain winghaven
Netherlands abort

Germany Felix
Belgium Buzzer
Netherlands NoHead
Belgium Overdrive
Belgium Alvo

Belgium spiROZE
Belgium Worm
Belgium Alvo
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands lavOd

Gamerz Connexion
Belgium PlAyer
Spain Wezor
Norway Eirik
Belgium Lazio
Belgium Sh1zzle

Belgium Brch
Belgium Pimp
Belgium FRW
Poland Cisy
France Sword

Unpatched Unit
Belgium fishbotx
Netherlands L4mpje
United Kingdom shaman
Portugal sner
Anonymous TBA
- Hotels -
image: s_foot

Although this list gives you a good idea of the possibilities, I would advice everyone to have a look at sites such as or for possibly better deals or locations closer to the event.

The criteria I've used: the hotels should be within 30 minutes walking distance from the event, preferably around 10 minutes. The rating of the hotel (over a decent sample) should be 6.9/7.0 out of 10, or higher.

Free WiFi Available
image: icon_wifi

No WiFi Available
image: icon_nowifi

Paid WiFi Available
image: icon_paidwifi

Walking Distance To Event
image: icon_walkingdistance

Breakfast Included
image: icon_breakfast

No Breakfast Available
image: icon_nobreakfast

Paid Breakfast Available
image: icon_paidbreakfast

The alternatives are ordered (from low to high) based on price. All prizes are based on four nights, from Thursday the 29th of July until Monday the 2nd of August. I will add the total cost for a four night stay, using the cheapest double bedroom for each alternative as an example. In addition, I've included the price per person / per night. I will add the price of a family room (5 persons) when available.


Koningin Astridplein 40, Antwerp
A 29 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).
Details: image: star_smallicon star rating: 6.9
Price (4 nights, two persons): €196 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €24,50
Link: HERE

image: icon_nowifiimage: icon_nobreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 29 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide3[/hide]

De Pretstraat 11, Antwerp
A 15 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.5
Price (4 nights, two persons): €217 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €27,12
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 15 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide4[/hide]

Koningin Astridplein 43, Antwerp
A 28 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.6
Price (4 nights, two persons): €244 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €30,50
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_breakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 28 minutes (to the event location)
image: article_aefhotelguide5[/hide]

Appelmanstraat 31, Antwerp
A 30 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.2
Price (4 nights, two persons): €256 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €32
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_breakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 30 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide6[/hide]

De Keyserlei 59, Antwerp
A 30 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: [img]] stars rating: No Rating
Price (4 nights, two persons): €258 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €32,25
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 30 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide7[/hide]

Van Stralenstraat 49, Antwerp
A 23 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.3
Price (4 nights, two persons): €260 (From Thursday till Monday)
(4 person rooms available for €486 for 4 nights).
Per person / per night: €32,50
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 23 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide8[/hide]

van Ertbornstraat 10, Antwerp
A 27 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.1
Price (4 nights, two persons): €269 (From Thursday till Monday)
(3 person rooms available for €398 for 4 nights).
Per person / per night: €33,62
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 27 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide9[/hide]

St. Jansvliet 10-12, Antwerp Centre, Antwerp
A 20 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: Unknown stars rating: 7.8
Price (4 nights, two persons): €280 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €35
Link: HERE

image: icon_wifiimage: icon_breakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 20 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide10[/hide]

Blauwmoezelstraat 6, Antwerp Centre, Antwerp
A 16 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon star rating: 7.7
Price (4 nights, two persons): €280 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €35
Link: HERE

image: icon_wifi (in public areas only) image: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 16 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide11[/hide]

Falconrui 21, Antwerp Centre, Antwerp
A 13 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon star rating: 7.1
Price (4 nights, two persons): €288 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €36
Link: HERE

image: icon_paidwifiimage: icon_breakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 13 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide12[/hide]

Jordaenskaai 11-12, Antwerp Centre, Antwerp
A 11 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 7.7
Price (4 nights, two persons): €300 (From Thursday till Monday)
(4 person rooms available for €540 for 4 nights).
Per person / per night: €37,50
Link: HERE

image: icon_wifiimage: icon_breakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 11 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide13[/hide]

Koningin Astridplein 14, Antwerp
A 29 minute walk to Hangar 26 (the location of the event).

Details: image: star_smallicon stars rating: 8.7
Price (4 nights, two persons): €320,40 (From Thursday till Monday)
Per person / per night: €40,05
Link: HERE

image: icon_wifiimage: icon_paidbreakfastimage: icon_walkingdistance = 29 minutes (to the event location)

image: article_aefhotelguide14[/hide]

- Travelling -
image: s_foot
image: x6h0tf

Option 1: Brussels Charleroi
Cheaper airport (Ryanair), but requires a shuttle to Brussels South (Midi) station if you want to take the train to Antwerp.
» Shuttle Charleroi Airport to Brussels South (Midi) station: Return fare = 22 EUR (more info)
» Train Brussels South (Midi) station to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = 13,20 EUR

Option 2: Brussels Zaventem
More expensive, but has more connections.
» Train Brussels National Airport to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = 18,90 EUR

image: hsuetj

Option 1: From outside Belgium

Remember that Antwerp can also be written as 'Anvers'.

Eurostar -
image: este6e

E.g. from London to Brussels South (Midi) station: Return fare = starting from 69 GBP
» Train Brussels South (Midi) station to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = free of charge (Eurostar ticket)
E.g. from Paris to Brussels South (Midi) station: Return fare = starting from 107 GBP
» Train Brussels South (Midi) station to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = free of charge (Eurostar ticket)

Eurostar tickets to Brussels are automatically valid to any station in Belgium. So the same £69 or £107 return fare will get you to Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Liege, Namur, or anywhere else in Belgium.

You can use any reasonable connecting train service from Brussels to your final destination in Belgium as long as you complete the journey within 24 hours of the Eurostar arriving in Brussels.

Allow at least 25 minutes in Brussels to make a connection on the outward journey, and 45 minutes (preferably a bit more) on the return to allow for the necessary 30-minute Eurostar check-in. Similarly, on the return journey you can leave any time within 24 hours of the departure of your Eurostar from Brussels back to London. Tickets are not valid on high-speed Thalys or Germany ICE trains, only the normal Belgian domestic trains including Belgian InterCity trains.

Advice on changing trains at Brussels Midi station.

Thalys -
image: 2vwep39

E.g. from Paris to Brussels South (Midi) station: Return fare = starting from 146 EUR
» Train Brussels South (Midi) station to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = 13,20 EUR
E.g. from Paris to Antwerp Central station: Return fare = starting from 166 EUR

Option 2: From inside Belgium

Trains generally run hourly or half-hourly between Brussels and all main Belgian cities, no reservation necessary, you just hop on.


End station: Antwerp Dam station
1,9 km - 23 minutes walk

End station: Antwerp Central station
2,8 km - 34 minutes walk

You should base your choice of end station mostly on where your hotel is located. Traintickets work with zones, so if you bought a ticket to Antwerp Central station, you can still go to Antwerp Dam station with the same ticket as it's in the same zone. When arriving in Antwerp you can still take the bus. More info right here.

image: i44xw0

Driving from the UK
Ferry (Norfolkline) from e.g. Dover to Dunkirk (France): Return fare = starting from 36 GBP
Ferry (P&O Ferries) from e.g. Dover to Calais (France): Return fare= starting from 25 GBP

Driving from Gent E17
You take direction Antwerpen - at Zwijdrecht you follow to the left, direction Rotterdam - at the first junction you go to the right, direction "Linkeroever" - following the road you go in to the "Waaslandtunnel" - when you exit the tunnel you turn right straight away on the "Ankerrui" - you continue following this road and over the "Brouwersvliet" you arrive at the "Kaaien". Here you turn right and on your left hand side you see Hangar 26/27.

Driving from Brussels (E19) / Hasselt (E313)
Take direction Antwerpen; On the ring way arround Antwerpen you chose direction Breda / Bergen op Zoom and take exit 1 Merksem - watch out! don't follow the bleu arrows to Merksem but drive straight a head and follow the white arrows direction Merksem and Kaaien 1-199 - now turn to the right on to the Groenendaallaan - At the third traffic lights (diagonially right in front you now see the moviecomplex Metropolis) you turn left on to the Noordelaan - You drive over two bridges, after the second bridge yo see traffic lights where you drive straight ahead (so don't follow the turn on to the Italiëlei) - follow the Londenstraat , over the Londenbrug untill the Rijnkaai - turn left and and you will see Hangar 26/27 on your right hand side.

Driving from Breda / Bergen op Zoom (E19)
Take direction Antwerpen and take exit 1 Merksem / Kaaien 1-199, direction Antwerpen centrum - now turn to the right on to the Groenendaallaan - At the third traffic lights (diagonially right in front you now see the moviecomplex Metropolis) you turn left on to the Noordelaan - You drive over two bridges, after the second bridge yo see traffic lights where you drive straight ahead (so don't follow the turn on to the Italiëlei) - follow the Londenstraat , over the Londenbrug untill the Rijnkaai - turn left and and you will see Hangar 26/27 on your right hand side.

» Highway (Motorway and dual carriageways): 120 km/h = 75 miles/h
» Open road (Outside cities or villages): 90 km/h = 55 miles/h
» Town: 50 km/h = 30 miles/h
Explicitly mentioned exceptions:
» Near schools, hospitals, churches etc.: 30 km/h = 20 miles/h
» Open road with explicit mentioning: 70 km/h = 45 miles/h

Alcohol limits
0,5 g/l in your blood
0,22 mg/l on your breath

Be sure to check out the traffic situation before you leave, since the ring around Antwerp is always a bitch.
1stCav - trying to get it sorted

gj krosan :)
Quote0,2 for drivers with less than 5 years driving license

isnt it 0.0 now ?
Nah, luckily it isn't, but it could be like this in a couple months -_-
gaan ze nooit doen zene, as ge een praline me likeur eet, dan zijde al "zat" :D
Zelfs de obers in cafés hebben een zeker promille in hun bloed na een hele avond alcohol dampen in geademd te hebben...
voila, dus da gaat nooit een wet worden :) ga nooit goe gekeurd worden
Vorige week nog 2 Duvels op 2 uur opgezopen, en dan controle gehad in d'n otto :/
Kwas ervoor nog net Quick gaan halen om thuis op te fretten, dus een kwartierke pauze gevraagd aan den flik, en snel al die frieten & burgers zitten opfretten ^^
Dan nog 3 keer slecht geblazen, en als bij wonder Safe geblazen, terwijl ik in den otto nog zware Duvel boeren aan't laten was :D
haha held :D
Wat een knuffelaccent hebben jullie toch ook :D zo prachtig om te lezen.

didnt know it, thx for the info :D
It's certainly not 0, but I made a little mistake in the numbers, gonna update now.
hmm i cant find it in this text, what is your quote about?
alcohol while driving . I thought people who had driving license for less than 2 years couldnt drink alcohol. But i was wrong according to krosan :)
Good write up, let's hope ET will be there now :P
make it sticky !
I heard belgian train drivers dont like red traffic lights....=\
when will it be decided if et will be played ?
Let's hope :XD
Per team plus one manager included, but the price isn't fixed yet.
what does no star mean?
That they haven't told me yet whether they're sure or not!
nI need 3 stars.
is dat jouw lan teamnaam? :P
gl lans:-D
good job : )
+Forward - 3 stars please :)
see ya there pal :)
Make that a gold star, btw.
What's the lineup?
Owzo, unblind, rAzbo, Xo, Adacore, is the plan, I believe.
Nice team :D

Cya @ Antwerp!
Krosan eh? that awful admin on CF?
yes that retard
the guy who killed quakelive and et
Well I will 100% be atteneding. Im driving from London so if anyone wants a lift let me know :)

EDIT: Team POTTY gunna be there 95% sure
Is that one from the list or a new one?
Its a new one : >
btw it doesnt mention 5on5 or 6on6 as if its 300 euros it would be easier to divide 6 players? But yea any idea yet?
5on5 for sure!
sweet thanks honey x
pick me up at holland
How is 300/5 harder than 300/6?
give us a lift
I need a lift could u pick me up at the local trainstation? :)))
more teams + better teams! :D
What train stops at Antwerpen-Dam?

Nice write-up.
I'm avi if you manage to get me 100 euro lansupport :P
Wont be coming, going on holiday wiv all ma boys @ 27th july to magalouff for 2 weeks :p
av a good one :P
cheers m8 :)
shagapuff ?
went last year, its fckin mental :D! goin again this year too for 2nd round (O:
No, you gotta weigh everybody on ur team and it's 300 per kilogram
that's me fucked :D
you can put one star for VAE

I'm pretty sure atleast some of our players will be there, but not sure at all if we end up going with this lineup, switch a few players or split up for another teams
Isn't that the same as 1 star ? :p
sweet star system, +1 to that
whatsup with the clans without starsz?
Those are the ones that haven't told me yet whether they're sure or not!
my sister lives @ the rijnkaai antwerpen so i'm avi!! :D
Airplane option 2 isnt complete

You can also get bus to charleroi train station for 2.5€ one way
And then get train ticket charleroi - Antwerp
avi for the lan, pretty skilled fops :<
I am surely avalaible for the tournament. If a team wants to have a really skilled guy, who can be a newcomer on the lan, just feel free to pm me here! Can play eng smg or med!
image: u-mad___camron

gewoon omdat t kan ;D
Antwerp is only a 30 min drive for me. Cool! I can finally come.

Not that I will, but I could.
nice post
you can change

from uncertain
to impossible
you can change
Eesti Veri

from uncertain
to impossible
fu :(

we're going :(
I'm coming back from my vacation at 30 july whoho
Belgium EDiT 3 stars plz
why didnt you come last time? was waiting for ya
i lol'd at Alcohol limits thats just for gays man:D
i guess those limits are while driving and then it's quite common to have alcohol limits :D
need a team!
iam the last added player for nI, hell yeah!
very nice post =)
nice with the train and plane pictures n stuffs! ;p

cokeser hat mir erzählt, du wolltest mich wieder abholen, weil es so schön war
wollte ich das? mal sehen... ich weiss noch nichtmal ob ich geld hab x: und da ich auch kein team hab wird das wohl alles eher spontan entschieden... ausserdem weiss ich auch noch nich mit klausuren etc :((( aber hinwollen würd ich gern!
im fall der fälle würd ich dich mitnehmen^^
dieser fall ist jetzt eingetreten, angebot angenommen!
mich auch? ich wohn sogar nichtmal am arsch der welt :D
nice dann muss ich mir nur noch n zelt organisieren :D das wird glaub ich lustig x)
also wenn kreuztal der arsch der welt is, is bochum warscheinlich die aschselhöhle oder so
FAMAs 3 stars =)
TanQ 3 stars =)
haha kebabman 5 stars :p
no whine involved, i'll give you a cookie if heya and azur will ever play on lan.
well, they actually might but they will suck like hell and can't carry you any more then.
wanna bet more than a cookie they'll not suck ?
you know that cracked etbots usually don't work on lan? :-D
and well, to prove that they would actually have to come to lan which makes this bet kinda redundant : DDDDDDDDdd
get real, they cheated, they cheat, and they will cheat again
bah alors sont où tes copains??
avec toi jpense
je traine pas avec des sous merdes

next time maybe
ok, tell me what about reporters from gaming websites? do we pay entrance fee or sth?
Nope, you're free to come! Maybe we'll have a special press room for you guys!
Team Infused**(*)

we are all but 100% atm I guess ;)
energiz-gaming (newind) 1 star plz
Germany anexis *** :)

o we're already up there :d
fintastic five **
yea right like thats ever gonna happen
3 out of 5 went to a lan outside Finland before, if we get support we'll go
Alright I hope that you will make it:)
You're paying the ticket yourself?
NetherlandsBangbros *
+ Kamz on LAN interesting!
cu @ lan kid?
no lol wtf kind of a person do you think i am!

we're hug and get a pic? :o
okidoki! :))

energiz? :XDDDDDD
thought the same.
lol you @ lan ?
only vs rop or gtfo

Alcohol limits
0,5 g/l in your blood
0,22 mg/l in your breath
I'm loving the effort,
will try to make it not go unnoticed ;P
Thanks, the ET community is really worth it :)
get a gf !
get in your sauna
tomorrow maybe
velerion image: Halber%20Stern_schwarzer%20Hintergrund_mit%20Rahmen_kleiner
Europe Titanz **
From 7 April P&O are to re-open the Dover - Zeebrugge route with a nightly
sailing to Belgium arriving at 23:00 and departing at 00:30.

It seems initially the service is for unaccompanied traffic initially.
P&O da is een transport bedrijf toch?
Ferry service tussen de UK en de rest van Europa
kweet die komen ook bij ons op het werk.
Avi for this lan...!
I will do a jump not so far from kosijde :)
slechte datum >.<
add 3 stars to me :D
[*EU*] Rhand = [*EU*] ;) Just so you know how to keep us seperated from the other new [*EU*] Team.
And we're only waiting for confirmation from rifle so yea ***.
Belgium FRW
Belgium P5Y
Belgium Rhand
Netherlands Fritsie
Poland Cisy (?)
FRW is an owner!
noname, never heard of him till now, just showed up and said he was gonna play with us :o
cu there nerds :ddDd
Put another EU team as **
line up?

and euruz @ LAN? unlikely?
euruz will be @ army, besides, its euruz :D
you can put kris joshu savage wss player as a roster tho we haven't made a decision yet- disussing.
oh right ^^

CYA @ LAN hopefully :)
Actually, this is a first lan I might attend:D
It won't disappoint you ;)
u think wssquad wont get drunk this time to the point where he is not able to play anymore? (^^, ) Hoping to see him "dodge" this somehow aswell.. If he proofed me wrong I would feel sad for getting bashed by him !
Europe [*EU*] FiF Red will attend with the following mind-boggling line-up:

Belgium Frauwe
Belgium P5Y
Belgium Rhand
Belgium nAzty
Belgium Fritsie
Fritsie changed nationality now?
nee, kwas gewoon te tam om daar nl te zetten.
das nog nie zeker, 5e is undecided, of tis nazty of tis cisy of beiden xD
nAzty komt zeker joh!
P&P => bF

undead ali super gifted phille

Hoe zeker is het dat jullie komen?
ja vrij zeker, maar nog niet 100 %.

wrs gaan we wel =)
waarom zijn de hollanders weg?
Die verstaan ze niet
dialer edain frag stealer krein naga

Sorting out
snd-gaming? what does snd mean?

dno, it's dead anyway :)
im happy with that
QuoteAlcohol limits
0,5 g/l in your blood
0,22 mg/l in your breat

Why was this put in there?
for ppl like me sadly enough :(
Saiko Line-Up:

Kri at lan???????????????????
Khoop et voor em :p
Anexis eSports ***

Quote ***

1stCav *** please
Boski miks errol voiler Dolar - all PL
whats up with SPEEDLINK? are they attending? or planing to go there?
nick: energiz gaming change for energiz.newind

2 stars.
add Finland fintastic five there :) **

we would like to attend if we get the support we are looking for so! :)
ENSAM ON LAN?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
Krosan for President!
10min from my house, but I'm on vacation :(
leave the keys for me! :D
drNknmNkys now 100% attending :)


United KingdomSuiy
United KingdomMorteh
United Kingdomhaste
United Kingdomkeando
United Kingdomethr
Keando is a possibility now :D
edited :)
Indeed! cu@Glade? :o
Unlikely, lest I get a job in the near future.
:( theres always next year!
Maybe I'll go there on my interrail trip!!!
Lol I'm going to interrail as well xD
And my trip has already cancelled..... blol
price is high though
^still looking for a team!
tangel along :)
well see

my current work shedule makes looking for a good team fucking impossible :(
Quote(*EU*) kicked out cisy and took in nazty

no we didn't - Belgium nazty was backup and Poland cisy was not avi, don't know who told you this but check first next time ;)
Polandcisy comes
kicked out of the main line up ;p

so what's the lu now?
nothing changed Poland cisy was just not available for some time, things are sorted out for him, he's in main line-up and he's coming.
And if you hear rumours, ask me first next time ;)
okey will do :)
Je moet er nog altijd Poland Cisy bijzetten ipv Belgium nAzty :o
ah juist, vergeten :)
need a team!
mighty ducks

Germany hotshots
Netherlands rockskin
Germany Rayzed
Belgium Notorious
Germany gungy


3stars 100% sure
:) nice to see gl there lads.
you will have to remove me from that list ;(

Need sponsor, pm me here
Polish players have a nice excuse now.
"We're too afraid to fly these days"
hahaha your evil.
EuropeCatharsis bullet Zealot (CbZ) ***

- France SIMOON
- Belgium Azur
- Germany heya
- Germany wodka
- Poland ntz
What is so funneh?
y0 killerboy want some pretty cool punches in ya jewisch face? h3h3? retard
QuoteCatharsis bullet Zealot (CbZ) ***


Still laughing mate
Rename Splendid to DreaM.
And we will come ***
sHaKy, motif, sMiRZz, RizkKk, Nohead
I am sHaKy :P
wuhauhauhauaahuahuahua :EE:E:D:D:D:E::E:D:DD:D:
Perpetuum Jazzile
luisterde er net naar :D addicting tbh mas que nada is ook leip
tututututupaatuu trouwns jij moest naar school vandaag!
Ben net terug 8D
well i guess you can scratch vae xD
Euhm an error maybe or so but Nohead is in 2 teams or what? Oo!?

# DreaM ***
kADiR (c), MOT1F, Nohead, sMiRZz, RizkKk

# Stars ***
Overboost, Ipson, Scarzy, sYk, NoHead
someone cloned him!
zomg i was first thinking he had a twin brother but no he is cloned zomg.
Will check it out
Spectators free?
Will I need to pay an entrance fee as a spectator?

NO! The event is free for spectators to enter and leave as they please. There will be no entrance fee required for spectators but they may be restricted from the tournament area and will only be allowed in the bar, spectator zone and sponsors area.
Didnt even take that in after reading :X
oh krosan, I know theres a players looking for clans topic atm. But can we get a enw one for LAN teams/players only as that one is dated and mostly all OC/EC players!
Sure we can, I'll make one once the next announcement is up (soon).
Ah gay! But I need to find an awesome-0-9000 team
Have patient young padawan!
Fine, im gunna go sulk for an hour and then when i get back im going to harrass you even more on IRC or something :(
even me !!!!!! QQQQ (jk)
im avi for this LAN pme me here!!!
avi pm here :)
won't be able to see fintastic & speedlink offline.. What a pity.. It was supposed to be funny :(
why? we are coming :o
Cuz i'm off for some holiday in Corsica.. looking blade offline must be fun honestly
i guess you can remove drNknmNkys seeing as the team fell apart :\
and me from anexis omg me at lan lololol cu @ lan k

come with me n potty ;D
nah man can't get off work for it anyways and don't wanna get busted you get me?
im going with you and potty
so fucking name me too :(
Around 32000 HUF for the flight (2way) i guess
And I thought it was cheap :)
cloning spree ! after undead :

3.Acsi-eSports dNan
NetherlandsteKoa,Netherlands spho, Netherlandsmodus,Netherlands Ati, BelgiumKevin

17.Dnan ***
Netherlandsmodus, Netherlandstekoa,Netherlands Ati_, Belgiumkevin, Netherlandsspho (c)

can also see modus in :
27.Silvergods **
Netherlandsmodus, Netherlandsmikey,Netherlands larz,Netherlands seigen,Netherlands wra1th (c)
Europe Titanz ***

Belgium BrCh
Belgium Sylvester
United Kingdom ethr
Belgium Frauwe
Belgium Pimp
rdy to pay?
to pay and play ;) just waiting for 25 for the infos of payment
Beginnende bestuurders mogen toch geen druppel alcohol hebben gehad? Tenminste hier in Nederland vorderen ze direct je rijbewijs in.

Nice gepost trouwens, erg duidelijk!
volges mij zijn de regels voor beginnende als voor "gevorderde bestuurders" hetzelfde op het vlak van alcoholgebruik.. enkel de straffen varieren imo, maar de grens is hetzelfde afaik
Hmmmm - ik dacht dat ik echt geen druppel mocht hebben!
aestas [/u] <= golden star
Belgium spiROZE
Belgium Worm
Belgium Alvo
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands lavOd is ready to pay
didn't know :D
I'm 99% certain to buy a ticket on Wednesday, either for Impact use or to build a team myself... I might even buy two!
inFinity.X2-Hosting is ready to pay
cu @ lan? sex on the table ye?
don't even know what you look like! :O
i hope i get some of the money of teams i bust
What's the new star for 'paid and in the tournament' going to look like? :D
it's already in the list :)
Going to pay for sure, ye
signups open at 19 :p
too many updates!
Mauritania Velerion

Mauritania shmoe

Mauritania virtu
Mauritania reAz
Mauritania jok3
Mauritania essAh
Mauritania tALii

Driver: Mauritania Sal @ BMW
e: hahahahahaha! much headache incoming if Sal will listen Lena during your whole trip!
I am avi in this time. Send me a message if you are highskilled and need a godlike player. :)
talk to Kamz, he needs 5th
Correct me if I am wrong and blind, but I think I said highskilled, not med- egokid. :)
Correct me if I am wrong but this is LAN and not some random online cup kid =)
put teams that paid in bold i think :P

Germany wARLORD
Germany Techniker
Germany RAMOZZ
Germany Kiwi
Germany stRay
Speedy Bozar is avi in this time. Send him a message if you are highskilled and need a godlike player. :)
omg mystic omg
i'm also going
see you there guys!
jup kheb al betaald!
kzal eens komen kijken naar julle geklungel :p
welk geklungel?!

met wie speelt ge
I never get why people always mix up on and in,

Alcohol limits
0,5 g/l in your blood
0,22 mg/l on your breath

Just a FYI
It's a colloquialism, and thus inappropriate for this phrasing, but 'on your breath' is an acceptable part of speech. You could well say "I can smell the drink on your breath".
"in your breath" looks and sounds completely wrong to me, not that im an English grammar expert or anything!
Well, if you're taking the literal, formal interpretation then "on your breath" would imply that your breath was some solid surface, and if you had 0.22mg of alcohol sitting on top of it, you'd be over the limit.
stop pretending to be smart and get ready to pracc. HARD!
oh cool! I will probalby go there as a spectator, as i live in charleroi at that time anyways
see u there !
Charleroi is a pretty shittown btw :P
oh :( that sucks... why?
its like a depressive town. i saw some show about it.

but who know you'll still like it ^^
haha nice... and I'll work in the hospital there :o
fail =(

i hope there wont be too many suicides or attacked people :S
haha well the flemish part of belgium > the french part. But the nature is nice :P
ya im looking forward to it..and ofc i will travel around a bit! at least to antwerp for sure
some nice cities; antwerp/brugges/hasselt :P

& some nice nature in the french part ^^
From all the cities you can live in, you picked charleroi? it has been rated for the most ugly town in Belgium for years now.

have fun though :)
lol its getting better and better!
Ive made a good choice so xD
why did no one tell me in advance =/

but well at least I can live and eat there for free..and ive got wlan =)
and as I save a bit money due to gratis food I will just take it to travel around ^^
np for Xo
absolute truth! PS. You're gay
wtf is this Alcohol limit, and why tmoe still wanna come? :O
You going? Sikz and me would go from Hannover so get back to me if you need a ride.

(Still depends on a rockit lineup getting a slot tho.)
Hmm yea id like to go actually.. tho have nothing planned yet, no hotel no drive etc. But we might get a talk bout it soonish when i know def if i come or not.
it's the limit of alcohol you may have while driving in Belgium. Don't know why he puts this here but in the game center you may get wasted as Freedune and Twidi together ;)
oh good i got scared :/

gl !!!!!!!!!!!
wie gaat er nu als 5de van fif mee?
hup aestas, worm & co
gtfo nub :>
hi anim =D
sup baby miss u
ooooooooooh i miss you too :p
lol nxm alive ;D whats up m8?
i thought, lets check crossfire after 3 year :p
Hey NxM jou heb ik best wel gemist man, (twnzzy hier trouwens) alles goed met je kerel>
:d wat schattig ! alles goed ja, met jou ook? :p speel je nog steeds?
Hey man,

Nee ook ik ben gestopt na 3/4 jaartjes. Had er geen zin meer in, en het was echt saai het worden! Daarbij imijn studie begint binnekort weer in Utrecht dus dan heb ik siewieso geen tijd om te spelen.

En jij, waar ben jij al die tijd geweest, je was opeens weg...en heb je erna nooit meer gezien!

Smurftang and panic, you fags attending?
give me team, might go anyway!
Who are attending for rockit? joop with dnan and hayaa with impact, what's the new team?
update will come shortly
Steven is al 4 dagen niet online -_-
prima scam dan :D:D:D
moooooooooef !!!!!!!!!!!
kan dit geupdate worden of weggehaald? beetje zinloos zo :P misschien die newspost hier zetten waarin alle teams en lineups stonden, die was tenminste overzichtelijk en redelijk correct maar nu nauwelijks te vinden :P
nice :)

Czech Republic jalo ipv smirzz bij DreaM en Belgium Flashy als TBA bij zeroE btw :P
Netherlands 7ele ipv Austria Don bij myrevenge :) Die zit in het ziekenhuis dat weekend..
niets levensbedreigend, gewoon op afspraak. Wordt wel lekker nederlandstalig feestje zo te zien :D
you can update again.

abort, Matias, gifty, zerender, Winghaven
Make newspost!
will do, sir.
Europe CbZ :

FranceJindAy replaces Polandntz
appelflap 360

image: appelflap
Rot is op met je appelflappen ;DDDD
hihihihi nee :x
>O_/ new lineup:

Netherlands implux
Netherlands otyg
Netherlands rockskin
Germany hotshots
Germany gungy
otyg = fun :x gl man,
this might be interesting for the people traveling by train

there are 2 options, depending on your age and whether you're traveling alone or in group:

- younger than 26: and you are in group, buy the GO PASS (=10 journeys ticket)
are you traveling alone? buy the GO PASS 1 (for 1 individual that is) >>

- for the ones above 26years old, there is the Summer ticket.. you can travel wherever you want for 7,5euro (per individual) and if you're traveling in group, you should check out the RAIL PASS >>
thx for zhe info ;)
I say; you me milk car jews hehehe!
haha :D nee jonge ik ga er niet bijzijn...... wou gwn ff vriendelijk doen :p
new lineup:
Team Genuine:
Netherlands abzes
Netherlands hayzee
United Kingdom eVo
Belgium Alm0st
Belgium Juicy aka Pinoo
Awesome new CBZ lu =)
so true :DD
its just me, or acsi and tag both have Netherlands lunatic?
motta and playmate are going to show their bot skills or going to lan dodge?
new lineup


manager: bobot
joop ipv david

slecht werk krosan!
1 polak = sad
Gl Shaman!
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Can't access to the website.
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