roOx aka lait/lightnight

IPS PolandroOx's used: and

CB Account:

IP of PolandLAIT:


Wow, so we have a guy with the same internet who joins the same clan, and the clanleader expects me to believe this story?

lul matchconflict:

and obviously Polandlait/roOx is having a hard time spoofing a good guid so he won't get caught:

now for the expected epic fail:

image: 2d1l8ag

CF Account:

haha that's an epic fail indeed:D
so is that oximize/light afterall?
yes ironic isn't it.
yes its pretty ironic since they asked for forfeit immediately after teente got busted,eventhough hes not at ban list yet.
and sorry for freaking out yesterday, it was goldorak who is a bit dumb(let's be polite)

seems like result changed now,h3h3

e: just noticed that this is some serial hacker =D
btw now ban them from oc, dickheads
+1 got them in 3on3 and 2on2 oc GTFO with them :s
was just messaging you at irc mister
haha i knew it played vs him hes so fucking obv
you should thx me for give you info :XD
"See nothing special in it except some preshoot and ugly whine"

by GoldoraK, April 10th 2010
I'm still lolling btw :D

Having a hacker in team, knowing it and asking for forfeit in another match because of "cheating".

Later on adding account so it looks like Light didnt get banned :DDDDDDD

And then goldorak saying,nothing fishy.

God,this is priceless.

My lovely ship is back:
image: uncov_fail_ship
played with him once, obvious :o
Yeah as they are all his ex clan m8s and playing with him still, shouldn't the players who played with him be banned also?

Imo they all should be banned for this, knowingly playing with cheater.

E: oximize/ (dbC etc...)

If they wont get banned... its just bs!
no way to prove they knew he was cheating, so no way to ban them
well he was banned already and they knowingly playing with banned player, im sure thats enough of a proof to ban them all!

Atleast i would ban them :D
I agree, but its just impossible to do, afaik you can never justify suchs bans
Nothing is impossible!

e: but still, if i would be an admin, i would ban them cf,cb,esl..
try to convince an admin, although its annoying to waste your time with that :-)
Nah i dont care that much to do smth like that :) they are shit lowbies :)
it is possible, since it is the same clanmember that re-joined the same clan, clanleader is responsable for who he recruits (and tell me what the % of innocently/unintenionally getting the same player from 9999 polaks playing ET). Only clanleader can get a CB Ban, whole team should get a CF Ban.
naiz, I like
yeah they didnt notice the new guy just sounds like their old banned mate on vent :))
Quoteno way to prove they knew he was cheating, so no way to ban them
but they knew he was banned
so they broke rules of CB, dont think its wrong to play with banned players (as far as they're not cheating) or is it?
lol didnt know that

WAT? light = roox? how is that possible?!!?!!?!?!
jesus christ dude..
nareszcie kurwa
isnt he from oximize? lol they couldnt even get the flag at radar for 12 minutes :D::D:D
Easily one of the most obvious people i've ever played against.
unbeatable on braundorf.... i wonder why
Last time i played him on b4, he was shit until halfway through the map and then suddenly ended up with >60% acc. Good player.
hihi another idiot with cheat :>
well, nothing new and he still sux but anyways: can i has defwin in our 3on3 cb oc match?
hehe pizdeusze wracaja jak bumerangi
Why bother banning if bans aren't going to be enforced anyway.. all those 10 year banned boys got unbanned aswell
That's not true for some reason I'm still banned. :'-( *wink*
he will back :D
typ z mojego miasta O.o
This is pretty much the same as the alexL case, but I don't see any leader getting banned!
troll or shit actor
Litlle bit trollloling, but it's pretty much the same or not?
alexL served his ban and didn't make a new account
roOx didn't serve his ban and made a new account
Uhm I see, ok!

edit: Is he getting a 10 year ban for this?
Great succes!
brawo :D wreszcie : )
you are great :P
See nothing special in it except some preshoot and ugly whine
lan proofed
ahushauhua :d killerboy D:
z czego rrzysz kurwa :O!
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