yep, wallhack. 2nd one is too obvious, hähä
wh what else ? -- who was it ?
r_lodbias 3 doesnt help so you werent visible independent of his config
neither i could hear anything

weird moment
just skill
wouldn't you track around the corner, instead of straight through it?

also: stop trolling
Everybody cheats.
actually I dont see anything strange. if you had time, you could find any "weird" action for every player.
moreover this doesnt seem any kind of "weird" much
nothin special tbh
clean, some1 on vent culda told him
so someone would tell the guy is behing bank at the right side and not trying to shoot him :P?
1st part - you can hear him. Check it out closely. Especially when he pulls out the nade.
2nd part - indeed strange, someone could have told him = check every corners.

clean tbh...
Quotesomeone could have told him = check every corners.

but that exact corner is the one he would shoot at... weirder still
send my your low grafic config
i got it but still isnt like this shit:-(
1st one is common.
2d is the weird one, tho' looks like wh, but many people can check corners while going throw
Strange. I think that player couldn't know where exactly was the enemy. IMO : WH.
He turned on the enemy too fast for me.
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