overboost (c) syK

United KingdomsyK
United Kingdomscarzy
Europe....2nd engi

We are looking for a skilled second engi that is capable to play vs HIGH opponents!

2nd engi should be able to come to the AEF lan! (entrance will be payed)
we are planning to go to Aalborg aswell but that will come later
same goes fpr the next Crossfire events!

we play tonight!

find me in #accurate or #et.nl or /q ipsOn

or just leave me a msg here on crossfire :D
We are trying it again, lolz :-)
Hey DOTA slet! Hvordan har du det?
DOTA? =( bra bra =) med deg! :DD
Jeg er kjapp som en kanin! Du er en jaevla hore faen!
ahhahahaha :D:D:DD
det er han :DDD men hvorfor snakker du norsk? er du ikke fra holland?
Lol I'm Dutch but I know some funny sentences. :D
nice :P gl!!
gl scarz, overboost :)
No way near high.
that isn't a bad line up :/
Scarzy???? come on.
syK overboost & eager ?
Need to replace Scarzy tbh, he will bring fail.
Do you really think he would be that bad? i mean he wont be in the team for no reason
I've played with him before (well against) and he wasn't very good.
I don't think he's the best aimer, but he can do a pretty good job on the rest I think!
you arent good though :S
Just because you played me at RTCW which I admit I'm like low at... easily better than you @ ET tbh. Definately not trickjumping and strafe jumping, aiming wise and brain wise yes.
No you aren't... I'm never ego and I hardly EVER rate myself to be better than a player (unless I'm just winding them up, hi2u dialer) but in this case I really have to stress the point that you are not better than me, you might have a "better" aim than me but I can't imagine you to have a better brain, especially seeing as every game I have played you in (this is ET now not just wolf) you have been an obvious stat whore :D
Damn you got me, I'm a stat whore :D... true tho lol
He is easily a key player when needed.
Scarzy is sick. Shut the fuck up.
Might be confusing you here with the other guy that uses your account. But didnt you search med+ last time, and no offence but scarzy is a much better player. He has always been able to aim well, and seeing as how he revives well and plays objective with his new team, i'm sure he can compete. Also, anyone playing with syK and overboost are likely to get better.
You've not seen me play in over 5 years man, don't know how you can compare me to him? We did play him in a mix and he wasn't very good, but that might of been nick faked.
I played you about 2 weeks ago. I've also seen you saying you used to be in the highskill scene in ~2005/6, which makes me think your skill judgements are a bit off. I just dont know how you can slag of scarzy's ability.
I've not played ET for around 3-4weeks now, nor RTCW nor any game for that matter.

I was med+/high when I quit ET in 2006. In 2005 I wasn't very good, I got a lot better when I went to some new teams. I never spoke to you in 2006 ever (I can't remember anyway), I stopped playing with Faith and Tyyrd around that time and went to higher level of play. Was playing vs the high teams back then with my old team. I was in 2 at the time #ik was one of them with reshep and hakkz, the other was with a few nonamed stars, I think they cheated tbh but I quit not long after so np.

And I'm not slagging scarzy off, far from it. He's a great guy and a good guy when you need help. I'm just stating that he wasn't very good when he played, but like I stated, it may well of not been him.
Okay, well either it was a bit longer than 2 weeks, i.e. in the last month as thats when i was playing. Or... ethr and the other people you play with are playing with someone who likes to nick fake you! :D

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree as ever regarding the skill thing.
Ofcourse man, I don't like rating myself :), I've edited the above post lol. I did play well since I handled the 'good' players without difficulty, I just lacked consistency, which is crucial for playing ET. I still have the same problem, one day I can play amazingly well hitting over 60% acc, the next it's like 30% acc or less... my brain is still the same, I can still think ofcourse lol but my aimwise game play goes.
Tbh, it wouldn't surprise me if your aim was pretty decent if you kept playing actively. But, I just can't imagine the rest of the game being there. Any ettv games i can watch of your team when im next bored?
I've only played ETTV for fun matches by some guy who owned a server streaming with ETTV lol. Coming back to ET after so long as difficult, I felt like a noob again and some of the maps were newish to me. I mean you can't forget supply and nothing has changed much since. I just had to change my playing style because in 2006 people played differently to now imo... I still think and always will think that todays med+ are 2006 low+/med on IRC... people tend to disagree but I think the skill level is dropping. We now have like 30 high teams or med+ teams that are all good players but in 2006 there was a few top high teams and everyone else was low or med... the + / - thing was a big step back then. People were atleast honest about their skill level.
But the only rating I'm going by is the skill I competed against and found suitable for me. I only really played IRC mixes with the teams so that might of been all skill fakers which happens alot as I'm sure you know.
Good luck edwin <333
Pick me Pick me!
looks like a nice team, gl
gl,take BelgiumBoss he wants to get lanproofed.
yes take him, bf is sick of boss
GL scarzm8
pm me, wanna play again !
gl scarzy!
gl guys
gl over
overb00st! ...............?
gl scarzy =)
scarzy <33 :D syk nubi hf overboost lowbob :D
EC winners for sure.
gl guys old 141 all back! :p
mztik is missin :P
Mztik cameback with the name jinosta and is secretly pwning
:D so im playin with mztik almost every day =]
you shouldn't be allowed to view this post clanhopper!
yes individual damage is the key to succes in skilled 5o5 !!!
goodluck nice persons
vaaaaaaaaat (=_°)
gl eagerrrr <3
gl edwin
go go Syk <3
it's gotta be h20
GL bois, will see you at AEF for sure :P
United KingdomBaggiez used to play eng
baggiez in the mood th pwn again?
gl skarzee
gl edwin and scarzy<3
what happened to Netherlandsnohead?
gl scarzy
gl scarzy + over <3
payed :P
gl scarzy
Looks really nice! GL!
Gl scarzy <3. dont know if hes being serious but take baggiez if so.
gl scrazy <3 avi
gl ipson :)
take baggiez 100%
gl scarz rahul
sup with NoHead
Great to see syk & overboost back. Gl
good luck overboost!
hopefully you take anim
who are you btw?
How many Estonians you know who'd stand up for you?
Fredd is the only one i would hope :(
My heart is broken.
gl scRazy
syK !! fucking hunk!! gl bitches =)
try Reso

gl eagerr :)
GL überboozt and scärsy!
LoL LoL LoL take me and add Felix as backup
im lan avi :>>>>>
me too if its already paid :D
good luck gentlemen
gl pwnies
gl overdruff <3 cu there i guess
gl overbooooooooostie
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