blindi OC nerd

from Finland
(13:37:18) (BlindieR`) played OC last night, am I still allowed to play on OC / EC during this season?
(13:37:39) ([CB]Killerboy) next week

~have most likely flamed you / your mates / your clan earlier but I hate a very few people for real, I just like flaming around
~mention-worthy teams identical & KRP (ladder #1 :PPPP)
~never cheated but not really bothered if you have as long as you've suffered your bans
~I know 2-69 of you already
~panzer, fop, medic, covert, def engi smg
~sunday-thursday 19/20cet ---> 2-4 games
~got football games 1-2x a week on either monday, thursday or friday
~laid back lad
~25 years of ET and still sucking ass

+related shit vid
25 years wow this man is old school :o
gl KRP Blindier
tho you are allowed to play on higher division than you have already played.

Edit: GL!
gl blindi :)
gl m8!
Great soldat irl and internets. Good luck !
KRP CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!
funny and nice guy :), decent gamer overall, best panzer around. take him!

EC winner and best rifle from Finland thinks that blindi is nice and funny? :D

Blindi from KRP so he is nerd, kid and cheater :D Again we can see how lame and cheater unhittable country Finland is :D Lowest EC ever winner and he is mate with cheaters? :D Sad but true... Finland poor nerd country
gl, pm sample
gl :))
GL skinhead! :) fucking skilled dude !
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