aClmx`fritsie cless

since aClmx folded I am cless again. I am looking for a decent team ( med + skill )

I know I am not known in the ET community and they will say yeah right med+....but I hope a serious team will pick me.

info`s about me :

from holland

30 years, i know i am old!!

playing ET for 6 years now

can play medic/fops or engi smg

skill med+

i can play 3/4 times a week from 1900 till 2300 or later.

contact me at or at crossfire.

#ridiculous always free spots for nice guys :))))
glglglgl dudy
ich liebe dir
ohne du kann ich nicht bin
:DDD haste mir schon auto voice gegeben? :(
nö, aber schau grad die neuen cmds an
super dann mach gängig :)
gl fritsie
good luck my old one !!
i guess you are :) join the channel vriend
yeah right med+....
gl mate :)
good luck :)
30 and still playing ET, rofl.
I'm 31 :<
gl powner, known for his 46 acc on radar!
you are 30? ;o omg grandpa!
gl frits :)
fritsie :D gl :)
fritsie :D! come back to me :D
flex, I didn't know you're still around :P
hell yes man :D #uk1 neva dies :D
smart and good player
als het aan mij ligt ben je welkom bij ons met flashy (ook zonder:P)
gl jonge :)
gl fritsie! :)
gl fritsie gaan voor oc premier:)
gl vriend
dont like qlimax no gl fu die
30 yo? lol you acted like a 11 yo boy.

or maybe it was someone else.
Nice guy, def. deserves a good team
gl fritsie :o)
gl frits
GL maat! <3

take him, he pwns
GL fritzell
gl : )
gl man ;)
gl my friend
gl, ur not old compared to me :D
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