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[center]Unpatched Unit is on the look for a 5th for AEF event[/center]

Thats right fellows, we're on the look for a new beast that will have the honour of joining this great unit. The team itself is pretty unknown, but we've been playing together for the last 5 years. Some of you might know some of our individual names but not many have seen the great power of this united community as a whole :)

What are we looking for:

Skill: Med/Med+ or higher: medic/eng smg. Stable brains with a good aim
Stable and avi for practice before LAN
Kind'a Fluent United Kingdom English language
Good since of humour, chilled and willing to party @ AEF
Enjoy listening to music (good taste plz) (a MUST for fishbot)
Can pay for the trip and driiiiinks :)
People we know

What can we offer to you:

A payed spot and 4 people going to AEF
All the requisits for good practices
Freedom of speech (eventhough the law forces us to give that to you) , positions and enjoyable teamplay
A med/med+ skilled smart and chilled environment
Definite fun 24/7 at the lan
Friends for life
Best e-dj of the new century ( dj paJo (aka fishbotx))
Last but not least: Prove a point, which we're not sure of yet

Belgium fishbotx Netherlands l4mpje United Kingdom shaman Portugal sner Anonymous TBA

IRC: /q fishbotx @ #Space-chickens
XFIRE: add blindm4n
EMAIL: add
gl, shaman is the mAus of 2.55 so I hear
*was :D untill he met my unhittability :D
noobs, gtfo from crossfire
U2 is at Paris in september !
i don't know any of you and i doubt you know me but i would be interested.
wtf test is still alive =D and lampje will go from med- to low @ lan :)

gl =)
haters gonna hate :D
i dont hate :) I used to like test atleast, jumping in that hs only jaymod server few years back + zk<3 and lampje was just a little bit brainless but still funny guy :)
QuoteGood since of humour, chilled and willing to party @ AEF
bad luck : ) fiShbot qUeer Penis :) h3h3 haRrr : )
shaman is a bodybuilder.. I'd watch it :D
I'm a bodybreaker
wait and see.. wait and see :D
I'll look down on thou mate! :D (literally:D)
you and what army : )
I have connections in the belgian military
Ge woont fucking houthalen ofzo, hoe ver is da van leopoldsburg :D
I am talking about al-qaeda
le friends for life?????

im in :$
gl shaman sner darkmind lampje :d
Update to 2.60b else you won't be able to connect to the lanservers!
gl nabs q;
good luck guys
I would join if I didnt have a team already :D

cu@lan nerds
gl mates
gl, tammo, sner , l4mp
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