Kevin looking for a clan

Hi, I'm hattfatt and I'm looking for a random bunch of people I can show my low skills in various 5v5's now and then, preferably even in some league. I'm available from 5/7/9 pm CET till about 11 pm each night, depending on how long I work. I speak proper and comprehensible English, generally a nice guy, (I hope) fun to be around and I shower on a regular basis. You shouldn't take this game too dead serious and be willing to have a laugh during games. Query me in #spaces, I'm alone there because my only e-buddy was abducted by aliens who took him to a planet in a galaxy far away and when they arrived they took apart his body and then violated his intestines with a baseball bat through his anal cavaties. Or he had to join the army. It was one of them, I can't remember which, though.

E: Also, you should have a passworded IRC channel, because ever since my dad took me to that public swingers club I enjoy the secrecy of private rooms.
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I dare to say that quite a few people know who I am.
Just joking bradda!
Hello dear ex-moviemaker!
isn't kevin one of this busted belgium "pro" tards?
He's not center of discussion.
i don't care if he is or not cause i can remember that he and his team was disqualified on one of the crossfire lan cause of haxx
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