Juize looking for a team!

like the title says, iam looking for a team;)

some info:

played from 2003-2009 (inactive in 2007)
played at cc5
not sure about skill, but might be able to reach the old level again
"experienced", played versus the highest teams back in the day
available at every day, except for friday and saturday

if you want to know more, check profile or just leave a pm

wil je team maken met mij?:P voor next LAN
gl Baden-Württemberg juice
gl juize :)
gL, cool guy on cf dnno bout ingame but you seem like an overal nice guy : )
Its a nice guy, really fun to play with!
GL juize old school pwner :)
GL timothy
gl, nice guy & good player
goed geluk sap
gl funky1
ajaxcied = gl
fock it ben in een goede bui, twente heeft 0-0 gespeeld tegen roda.

haha :D

ach, t wordt toch psv dit seizoen:(

maar dankje!
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