crook needs a home

Since for some unknown reason bF doesn't want to play with me anymore and my favourite ETplayer is watching anime, I'm looking for a few fun/mature guys to play with. Being skilled is a plus, but I don't really care aslong if we play serious now and then.

I won't be that active untill september, so for now I would prefer a backup spot or just a fun group who mix whenever possible. I'm planning on attending next lan though, but I cant play that often for now.


- Skilled (lan/EC - prefer med+/high teams or mixes)
- hopefully mature :p
- Talk alot on vent
- Ex-teams: nfp, nkNn (aD), bF (backup for undead usually)
- Dutch and English.


- Fun guys who don't get annoyed when things don't go to well, because then I get annoyed aswell and start whining :)
- Decent skill.
- Prefer known/semi-known players

shoutout andy and #nkNn
get a good clan and get me in too

Lets go play with nfp

image: PipBoy_T_Shirt_Design_by_TheCoconutGuy
;D <3

Nerds playing bad company 2, pff :P
Battlefield was too skilled for them? :XD at least jamzz1 was playing it.
Bad company is sort of battlefield game i think :P
Jamzz1 and veeth were playing it.

Played the beta, but when I noticed people could spawn ON their teammates, I remove it from my hd :D

Lets start a clan with chmpp!
I have had enough of chmpp for this century
Sounds like a winner, i am in! :)

@crook, the nerd will kick your arse! :)
Look whos there :D <3
gl croook
GL BRAM :))))))))))
Still playin this game eh... wow.
good luck, nice post
GL liked ur fragmovie :D
gl. skilled guy, hard aimer :P
You already have a team you fag.
Join #nkNn for more info.
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