Hi,since my holidays are over I am looking for a team to play upcoming 5on5/3on3 cups.About me:

- Can play rifle or engi smg
- medskilled
- Active and SLAC user
- Ex clans,achievements, etc on my profile

Dont care about your skill while you are nice guys

Feel free to pmme here or /q magico on IRC or

Have a nice day
hör auf im Urlaub zu nerden ":D"
bestimmt nicht du nase :D
son bisschen nerden vorm Mittagessen kann doch nich schaden :)
laut kaily bist du 24/7 online , da du ne faule nuss bist :b
kaily labert viel, wenn der tag lang is ;D
kaily ist der big boss bitch :D
gl, you rock
med with slac but playing premier and ec without slac. you smell like a cheater sir. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

chobooooooooooooooooooooo, hoy por la noche a ver si jugamos un 3 o algo.
EC skill
gl mate, better than med tho.
what about delinq?

e: gl :)
- medskilled

I noticed low ego only;) gl!
good luck, naiz guy :)
gl, better than med
gl mate :)
better then medskilled :)

gl mate !
do you still think I cheat?
GL mate! better than med :p
suerte paneleiro <3 hope that you find a nice team
gl gringo! maybe reinforce delinquentes?
ahora te ha dado por el rifle?
suerte chaval.
stable med+
welcome back :=)
take me with him, take 2 pay 1
do not underestimate yourself, GL mate! :)
vamos a montar algo magico k estoy avi , y llamate al gallego pestoso y tal xd
yo estoy inactivo. yo si se monta algo seria de backup chobete.
claro , claro si yo se que tu de backup ,porke eso de cojer mejillones en la costa y tal es muy laborioso y hay que hecharle tiempo xD

no ur not magico
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