crook for EC and lan

After some promising talks but no real tryouts so far, I'm still looking for a good team.
I'm not that known since I usually only play with friends and change my nick all the time.


- Mature and skilled, but fun is a priority for me.
- Can play any class but panzer. My rifle skills are abit rusty, but I can polush them up.
- Good aim according to some, but I still consider teamplay to be my strongest suit.
- Played lan and EC with aD (nknn) eventhough we went inactive after lan. Got kicked out of semi-finals premier league with nkNn, was active backup for bF when they won OC premier, so I like to think I was a part of that :)


- Fun and mature
- Going for decent EC experience, praccing against good teams and attending lans.
- Prefer a stable team, but new projects are also fine if they look promising
- No damagewhores, egoboys. I tend to dislike playing with people who play like they just got shot in the head.

Since I've gotten far enough a few times in OC premier and I played EC and good opponents with bF, I would prefer a team going for EC. But if really nothing comes up, I would settle for a stable team with fun guys.


#belgian.fraternity or #nkNn
Best bet is pm'ing me here though.
gl crook ! deserves a good team
Good Luck Crook
gl crook
gl mate
known enough to me:D?

Good luck :))
gl deserves a stable team.
gl croock
gl pwner
gl crook!!
crook <3

nice post btw
gl u giant homo!
GL <3 bestest man!
nice copying Slarto's recruitment post
best of luck!
goed geluk :>
gl, great player with great aim and teamplay
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