wires repost

Quote#wires is looking for a decent 5th to complete its lineup. Had a few issues with players recently so we are looking to replace a few people.

Our lineup right now is:
United Kingdompotty
TBA Medic


We have a server + voice comms ect ect.

We are looking for:

- a medic
- Should be aged 18+
- Have a decent enough skill level to demolish people.
- Understand how to use voice comms
- Have teamspeak3 as thats what we use.
- none of this cheating business either!
- This team will be looking at going to LANs, maybe not the exact same lineup because danL cheats but would be cool if you could attened future LANs.

if you wanna know anything else or you wanna join up please /q potty @ #wires

Thank you very much
<3 x <3 x Pottttty <3 x <3 x
gl potty ! <3
potty youre awesome
gl danl :D
please no noobs thank you very much, be fucking skilled
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